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First Battle of the Antonine Wall

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Ed Kollmer

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PostPosted: Tue May 19, 2015 7:04 pm    Post subject: First Battle of the Antonine Wall

First battle at the Antonine Wall:

The flames rose and licked the musky air of the cavernous tent of Pict king Bridie. He sat on his bearskin throne constructed of ancient elk horns. His counselors and chieftains surrounded him speaking in low tones as he gazed into the burning wood in the center of the tent. His gaze was as one mesmerized by the leaping flames and the sparks like so many fairies that danced upon the air and raised up upon the waves of heat that ascended the burning embers. His eyes flinched not as he appeared to be awaiting some sign or revelation from the spirit world. Servants moved silently around the gathered nobles, filling flagons and bowls for the hungry lords, prudently not disturbing their lord.
Suddenly, the tent flaps flew open and in strode a woman holding a white spear. Accompanying her walked a cloaked figure. Quickly, nobles jumped to the king’s side.
“Who enters without the king’s permission?” Shouted Torlorc, sword in hand.
“I am Maeve of the Celts, keeper of the White Spear.”
Rage turned to surprise and fear as her presence permeated the room.
Biridie, undeterred, raised his eyes. Was this the answer to his prayers.
“What brings you to the camp of the Picts, Maeve of the Celts.”
“You need my assistance, Lord Biridie. You have lost the Sacred Rat Standard and you hide your men in these Highlands. Now is not the time to hide and scurry away. Forces are in motion that you do not know yet. Ambrosius, emperor and high king of Britain, moves to Arturos’s aid from the Welsh march. Even he does not know this yet but he will soon. You must march now and destroy this bear cub who aspires to succeed Ambrosius. Take back the Rat Standard. Destroy the Bear first before he can be reinforced and then Ambrosius will have to sue for peace. Crush them in detail.”
“You bring welcome news, but that alone will not lay victory at our tent.”
“Do not tempt me, Biridie!!” Maeve scolded. “I will rouse the Cerones and Epodii tribes. They will fill your ranks with needed strength.”
“Who is this masked figure that follows you?” Growled Galan, standing beside Biridie.
“Ahh! Such powers of observation are not apparent by you visage, Galan!” retorted Maeve.
A wave of laughter moved around the room, as Galan’s eyes flared.
“Quiet!” Roared Biridie as he touched Galan sword arm.
“Who is the fellow?” queried the king.
“Someone of great importance. Do not judge by his unpretentious demeanor. He holds one of the keys to Arturos’s downfall.”
She raised her hand and pulled back the cloak to reveal a middle aged lad of comely appearance with friendly eyes and pleasant smile.
“Show them the blade.”
Slowly, from beneath his robe appeared a long bundled object. He carefully unwrapped the blade which glowed in the fire light.
“Arturos yearns for this. He is obsessed to possess it. He would barter Britain for it.”
The gathered noble stared with eager eyes and amazement upon the blade.
“Excalibur” Came the collective murmur.
“Put it back!” commanded Maeve. The lad quickly rewrapped the sword and stole it back beneath his robe.
“Briedie, attack now! Drive the Bear into the sea. Prevent him from joining Ambrosius. I will return with my Celtic warriors.”
Quickly, Maeve turned with the lad and proceeded to leave.
“Hold!” Cried Biridie.
At the tent’s flap, they turned.
“What is the lad’s name?”
As they disappeared into the night, the name came flowing back into tent.

Torlarc walked into the tent.
Biridie raised his eyes.
“What is the lay of the land?”
“The Bear hugs the coast as a groom his wife. He will not be budged. The coast will be on our right, a rough area is hard on the coast, mid field. The center is clear with a wood on our left, again mid field but slightly more on the Brits side. Lastly a small hill on our left deployment zone. They have rebuild some of the ditched palisades of the old wall forming a small redoubt between the wood and their end of the field, effectively closing off their right flank.”
“He seems to be boxing the field. Blocking out his right flank.”
“Yes, he has fortified his camp around a hill, again next to the coast on his left deployment zone.”
Pict list: Matt Kollmer
CnC 2El IB,LCh 1/jls
2x3El,IB,LCh, 1jls
Sub 9El,IC,LMI,Lts,Jls,sh{1El IB)


Merlin stood on the gate tower of Arturos’s camp. He peered expectantly down the coast. Soon he felt the presence of someone moving behind him. He turned and Quenhara appeared at his side.
“Why so pensive, Merlin?”
“Cadoc should have been back by now!”
“He is away to the south, it will take him time to return.”
Soon the thudding of a galloping horse entered the gate.
“Maybe news of Cadoc.” She added.
They moved to the back of the tower and observed Aquila, Arturo’s master of horse, listening to the breathless rider and horse. Aquila ran to the gate and searched the field.
“What news, Aquila??” queried Quenhara.
“The Picts are massing!” He replied anxiously and ran back toward the center of the camp.
Merlin and Quenhara moved quickly down the stairs and followed Aquila. As they entered the command tent, they found Aquila reporting to Arturos.
“The Picts are massing on the far side of the field. It seems that they have stopped running.”
“I wonder why the sudden change. It has been months.”
“Maybe, their anger is raised by the loss of the Rat Standard.”
“I think not. The loss of the Standard demoralized them. Something else is at work here.” Counseled Merlin.
“It could be that they see we are vulnerable. Cei is out scouting to the west and our ships are away.” Added Aquila.
Unexpectedly, the appearance of Cadoc into the tent brought the discussion to an end.
“Cadoc! You have returned.” Shouted Merlin.
“Yes, Merlin, my friend. Sorry to be away so long but there was much to do and time was of the most importance.”
“Has your mission been successful?”
“Yes! But hopefully not too late.”
Turning to Arturos.
“Arturos! Ambrosius has heard your call. He has settled his affairs on the Welsh March and is already a weeks march away.”
“Now we know the Pict’s move!” Aquila interjected.
“Maybe, This news should have caused more fear not less. Something else has caused this sudden change.” Mused Merlin.
“Regardless, Aquila form up the troops.” Commanded Arturos

Romano-Brit list: Ed Kollmer
2 Arth, IrA,EHC, L,sh +PA 175 175
2 Combrogi,IrA,EHC,L,sh 36 97
6 Comitatus RegB,LMI,Jls,S,sh 3*24
RegB,LMI,Jls,sh 3*20 142
8 Civic Mliitia MI,RegC, Lts,sh 16 138
6 Militia Bow LMI,RegD,B 8 58
2 Roman-Brit HC,RegC,Jls,sh 30 70
2 Comitatus RegB,LMI,Jls,sh 16 42
9 Celtic Tribes IrC,LMI,Jls,sh 9 106
6 Scouts LC RegD,B 10 70

2 Cei,HC RegB,Jls,sh 105
2 Roman-Brit HC,IrB,Jls,sh 27 79
2 Scouts RegC,LC,Jls,sh 16 42

6 Saxon Mull,IrB,HI,HTW,Jls,sh 2*28
IrC,MI,HTW,Jls,sh 16 200
6 Saxon,IrB,HI,HTW,Jls,sh 3*28
IrC,MI,HTW,Jls,sh 3*16 157
6 Militia Skirmish RegD,LI,S,sh 6 46

4 Ditched Palisades 20 80

Total 1607
Scout --- 33pts

{Brits are outscouted, so puts out first command}
Arturos’s command:
2El Brit HC on the coast far right. Next the LMI Militia Bow facing the rough area on their LMI B’s shoulder was Marius with his 2El Comitatus. On the shoulder of the rough is the 6El Comitatus with the MI Militia next to them. There is a small gap. Then the Dumnonii Celts on the edge of the wood. The LC Scouts on the far right on the other side of the ditched palisades.

Talorc viewed the Brits command placement and turned to Bridie.
“He crowds the space between the coast and the redoubt. I will spread out the warbands from the coast to the wood.”
Bridie nodded his ascent.
Soon one warband moved to the coast with the LI B following into the rough. One Chariot unit raced along the shore line .Soon four more warbands lined up along the open space between the rough and the wood. The next warband headed for the wood along with a LI Jls,sh unit. The two small IregA units lurked behind the warbands, one in the center and the other on the left.
The MI warband formed up on the hill fronted by the LI jls,sh.. Bridie’s and two of the Chariot units sat on the hill with the LC on the far left.
Talorc ran down and joined the third warband from the right.

Arturos mounted his horse and rode out to join his companions (EHC, IrA,L sh). As he rode up, Aquila rode over from his unit(EHC,IrA,L,sh). Arturos looked questioning at his friend.
“Mull and his Saxons are not eager for this fight. (rolled a 1 for ally gen). They want to move south and find a better field.”
“Tell him that if we can’t beat them here. Down the coast will not be better. Tell him to form up behind the line in reserve and be prepared to charge after the Celts and Militia fall back.”
Aquila nodded and rode off to the Saxons. As he approached Mull, the saxon pulled off his helm.
“What says the Bear, Uncle?”
“He says line up behind the line, facing the small gap and wait for the signal. Then charge home when the militia and celts fall back.”
“What of Cei?. Where is he? Are to fight this battle with one command out and what of the ships. Our LI S,sh are on them.”
They will come. We need to hold and draw them in. The LMI B and the HC on the left are to skirmish and shoot and delay and the advance. The LC on the far right are to skirmish also and pull the Picts forward so that when Cei comes. He will have their flanks totally open and strike at will. Same for the LI S,sh.”
“Way to risky, Uncle.”
“When has Mull the Saxon run from risk?” Aquila laughed as he galloped away.

Soon both plans unfolded. The Pict line moved forward in haste. The Brit LMI B and HC Jls,sh raced forward on the left into the rough and skirmished. Arrows and Jls flew. The Brit LC on the far right also sped forward and skirmished with the Pict LI and LC.
The two lines crashed all along the front. The Comitatus were pushed back. Unfortunately, the Civic Militia routed before their Pict warband. Simultaneously, Maglaunas and his Dumnonii pushed back their warband. Unfortunately, the 6El Comitatus were again hit by the warband and broke. Arturos looked with concern as the Militia and comitatus fled back to the wall.
He motioned and soon the loud harsh sound of the auroch horn blared.
Soon Mull reset his helm and raised his sword and line of Saxons moved forward. Regrettably, Maglaunas and his celts soon were surrounded by the Pict LI from the wood and the next warband and routed. The effect was instantaneous as the Saxon shook and ceased to advance.
On the Brit left, Marius and the 2El Comitatus unit seeing the line melt away roused his men and flanked the warband and sliced into them. The warband surprised by the savageness of the attack routed. The Pict 12El LI in the rough soon shook as their fellows routed by. Sadly, Marius’s victory was shortlived. The next Pict unit caught them and rolled over them.
The Brit left flank was weakening. The Chariots managed to break the Brit HC. However, the Brit LMI B continued to hold and inflict punishment on the 12El Pict LI B.
The Pict center continued its move forward. Talorc’s warband moved forward but exposed his flank to Aquila’s EHC. Seeing the opportunity, Aquila charged home but Talorc’s band withstood the attack.

Arturos looked to the coast and the right. Where was Cei? Where were the ships? Suddenly, amid the frenzy fighting, he saw the 4El IrA Pict jls,sh unit in column. With the Saxons halted, Aquila occupied, now was the time.
He raised his sword and they charged in. The clash was savage but he could not break them. Suddenly, the cry went up.
“Cei on the flank.”
He reigned in his horse and looked to the right. Cei ‘s banner fluddered in the breeze. They were pushing back a Pict LC unit. He also could see the Pict banner of Briedie retreating to meet the new thread.
Arturos’s face brightened, alas it was too late. He had to retreat before his army was totally destroyed. He must save what he could so he could join Ambrosius and defeat Bridie. This first clash was over but the next meeting would decide the issue.

Picts destroyed :778pts
Brits destroyed :246pts
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Love the army selection!
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