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On the Saxon Shore

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Ed Kollmer

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 17, 2015 3:56 am    Post subject: On the Saxon Shore

Abyssinian: Todd Kaeser
Romano-Brit: Ed Kollmer

Abyssinian Todd Kaeser– 1603 points

CinC 2E Ir B EHC/HC L,D,Sh (EP) – 174
2E Heavy Cav Ir A EHC/HC L,D,Sh (EP) - 103
2E Heavy Cav Ir A EHC/HC L,D,Sh (EP) - 103
2E Heavy Cav Ir B EHC/HC L,D,Sh (EP) - 97

4E Light Cavalry Ir C LC Jls,D,Sh (EP) - 89

2E Elephants Ir C dr. Jls & 1 Jls - 105
2E Elephants Ir C dr. Jls & 1 Jls - 105

12E spearmen LMI 1/4 Ir A 2HCW,Jls,Sh 3/4 Ir C Jls,Sh - 160
12E spearmen LMI 1/4 Ir A 2HCW,Jls,Sh 3/4 Ir C Jls,Sh - 160

10E Bowmen Ir C MI B 1/2 Sh – 125
10E Bowmen Ir C MI B 1/2 Sh – 125
4E Portuguese Musketeers Reg C LHI/LMI 1HCW,CB 1/2Sh – 98

6E Javelinmen Ir C LI Jls,Sh – 61
4E Slingers Ir C LI S,Sh – 49
4E Slingers Ir C LI S,Sh – 49

Arturos: Ed Kollmer
2 Arth, IrA,EHC, L,sh +PA 175 175
2 Combrogi,IrA,EHC,L,sh 36 97
6 Comitatus RegB,LMI,Jls,S,sh 3*24
RegB,LMI,Jls,sh 3*20 142
8 Civic Mliitia MI,RegC, Lts,sh 16 138
6 Militia Bow LMI,RegD,B 8 58
2 Comitatus RegB,LMI,Jls,sh 16 42
9 Celtic Tribes IrC,LMI,Jls,sh 9 106
6 Scouts LC RegD,B 10 70 18
4 Militia Skirmish RegD,LI,S,sh 6 46 2

2 Cei,HC RegB,Jls,sh 105 2
2 Alans,EHC/HC,IrB,L,B,sh 36/30 91
2 Alans,EHC/HC,IrB,L,B,sh 36/30 91

6 Saxon Mull,IrB,HI,HTW,Jls,sh 2*28
IrC,MI,1/2 HTW,Jls,sh 16/12 196
6 Saxon,IrB,HI,HTW,Jls,sh 3*28
IrC,MI,1/2 HTW,Jls,sh 16/12 149
6 Militia Skirmish RegD,LI,S,sh 6 46 3

3 Ditched Palisades 20 60

Total 1612 25

On the Saxon Shore:
The sails of the Abyssinian ships floated as clouds on the horizon. The steady breeze pushed the fleet ever closer. A lone figure stood on the foremost ship and eyed the approaching coast. He is Galawedos, supreme commander of Her Majesty’s armies of Abyssinia. His friend and companion, Melihior, soon joined him.
“Galawedos, any concerns about the landing.” Melihior quered.
“None.” He started.
“Don’t you fear that this Arturos will contest our landing.”
“None. I have studied this Arturos. He is rash but honorable. He will not steal a victory nor will he put the Ark in danger. This obsession for the Ark will be his undoing. We will cure him of it.”

Two days later:
Arturos approached the Abyssinian camp. The coast was on his right with a swamp adjacent to the coast midway between himself and the Ethiopian. A low hill was center left on the plain.
“Marius, take your small Comitatus unit and hold the right of our flank. Next to you is the Channel. Brychan! You will be next to Marius facing the swamp. The Militia LMI Bowman will be on your left shoulder. Mull! Your two Saxon units will be the center of our line. The Bow LC will be covering your left flank. Aquila and his Combrogi with my EHC unit will be behind the LC. The LI slingers will be on my left. The palisades that we build yesterday will cover our left flank. The Militia and the Comitatus will defend the palisade.”
“How long will we man the palisade? Should we wait for Cei and his flank march?” Germanius, master of the Militia, asked.
“When you hear my horn, move out and attack. Hopefully, Cei will also attack.”
As Arturos’s forces formed up, Arturos soon watched as the Ethiopian forces deployed. The two LMI units trotted out to the swamp and faced the Celts of Brychan. The two MI units formed up in the center of the field. Three LI units extended the line facing the palisades. The Ark was in the center of the backfield, the Portuguese defended one side with Galawedos’s unit. One Elephant unit stood on each side also with two EHC on the seashore flank and one EHC on the hillside. A LC unit roved around the Abyssinian right flank.
Suddenly, Galawedos raised his arm and the Ethiopian line advanced.
The Roman-Brit line waited. Then Marius and Brychan realized that they must stop the LMI in the swamp before they reached the other side. The two lines charged and clashed. The LMI were pushed back by the Celtic charge but Marius recoiled. The Militia bow poured volley after volley into the other LMI unit but were losing ground. Marius rallied his men and charged in again to help the Celts.
The two Ethiopian EHC moved slowly but calmly behind the MI.
In the center the Brit LC Bow and the Militia slingers tried to slow the MI but the MI bow power was more than they could handle.
“We will have to charge and crack these MI. Sound the horn.!” Arturos commanded.
“Wait, Arturos! If the LC cannot hold their bow, we will be charging into a hail of arrows.”
“Sound the horn. We must get Mull and his Saxons into the fight. Also their LI on our left are just dancing around taunting our troops. Tell Aquila that we charge.!!”
The Brit slingers and LC fell back as Arturos and Aquila’s Combrogi charged home. Soon the roar of whirling arrows filled the air, lesser troops would have faltered but the Combrogi drove through (rolled up). Aquila’s combrogi recoiled. Arturos could have broken through but the sight of Elephants and EHC facing them beyond the MI was not an option. Arturos also broke off.
Simultaneously, Marius and Brychan charged again and broke the LMI by the shore. The neighboring LMI shook. Marius could feel victory in his hand. Brychan shouted, “Marius, roll up their flank!!!”
Mull also realizing that the Celts and comitatus were advancing and that the LMI to his right were falling back pushed forward. The Ethiopian MI to their front was an easy target.
Mull lowered his Sutton hoo helm and raised his axe. The Saxons moved forward. Victory lay before them. Suddenly, with the skill of a well-choreographed maneuver, the MI melted away and revealed the two IrA EHC.
Surprised but undaunted, Mull formed up and as the Abyssinian charged in with raucous calls. The Saxons let fly their axes but it was not enough to blunt the charge. The saxons were recoiled.
Concurrently, on the far right flank Cei appeared. Galawedos, having forseen this occurrence, had deployed his LC and elephants. Cei appeared and faced trumpeting Elephants and skirmishing LC. The Cei and his Alans were bottled up and shaken and disordered. Cei looked to his right hoping that the Comitatus and Militia from the palisades would emerge and save him from these beasts. They never made it.
Arturos, seeing the MI advancing, shouted, “Form up to charge. Aquila! We charge.”
Aquila looked with amazement.
“Arturos! We are tired and wounded; one more charge and we will exhausted. We will never break them. Besides they now have the elephants.”
“I charge! If you cannot, I charge alone.”
“Long days ago, I promised Ambrosius that I would always be at your side.”
Aquia rode over to his Combrogi and raised his sword and soon they once more charged home. Elephants and arrows took their toll. Suddenly, a catastrophe occurred. The Bear Banner fell engulfed in the mass of Ethiopian troops.
As the shock wave in the Lord of the Rings when Sauron fell, so the tsunami of Arturos fall sucked the breath of courage from the Roman-Brit army. The Saxons broke. The LC, LI and the Militia shook. Only Brychan and Marius felt the kiss of victory. Immediately, the Roman-Brit fell back.
Aqulia and what was left of the Combrogi surrounded the body of Arturos. The Ethiopians crowded around. Suddenly, their ranks opened and in strode the figure of Galawedos. Aquila lowered his sword.
“Is this the Bear?” Galawedos asked, pointing to the sprawled figure of Arturos.
“Yes.” Aquila replied.
Galawedos turned and motioned to those behind him.
“Briing the Ark!”
Soon the Abyssinian ranks opened and the Ark appeared carried by majestically clothed priests with poles.
“Place the Ark next to Arturos. Just as the Ark can take life so it can also give life and cure.”
Galawedos took Arturos arm and pressed his limp hand on the Ark.
Suddenly, the hand stiffened and Arturos gasped for breath.
Aquila and the surrounding Romano-Birts fell back in shock.
Galawedos took Arturos’s hand and helped him up. Arturos gazed around.
“Arturos! Be cured of your obsession with the Ark. The Ark belongs to no one.
We are only its servants.”
“Thank you. I now understand.”

Two days later after much celebrating
The same cloudlike sails drove the Abyssinian fleet homeward.

Score: Abyssinian 5 points
Romano-Brits 2 points.
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