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Across the Danube

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Ed Kollmer

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 30, 2016 3:42 am    Post subject: Across the Danube

In a monastery in northern Greece:

The door of the monastic cell scraped open. The monk peered in.
“A messenger from the emperor has come, brother.”
The old monk looked up from his books and the look of surprise flashed before his eyes.
He rose and slowly followed the brother monk down the corridor of the monastery. As they entered the receiving room, the old monk saw the abbot standing beside a well dressed soldier of the Kavallaroi lancers.
“This messenger has arrived with a summons from the emperor for you to return to the court.” The abbot said concerned.
“Yes, your excellency,” the soldier interjected. “Sir, You must come back. The Hungarians have crossed the Danube. “
The old monk raised his hand.
“Where is my son? The emperor has appointed him Miliitum Magister.”
“He is away to the far south on a secret mission for the emperor beyond Abyssinia and distant Ethiopia.”
“Where are the generals of the empire.”
“In the east dealing with the Persians and Arabs. Besides the leader of the Hungarians is Tims Corvinus.”
The old monk’s eyes widened.
“I thought he was in the north with the Germans and Russ.”
The old monk lowered his head and stroked his chin.
“I will need my old companions. Michael and Demitrius.”
“The emperor anticipated your request and they are being summoned from their estates.”
“You are our hope, sir.”
The old monk smiled.
“A slim hope, my friend.”
He raised his hand and laid it upon the soldiers shoulder.
They turned and walked back to the cell to collect his meager belongings.

Weeks later in the Balkans.

Edwardus surveyed the field. He could see Corvinus’s camp on the far side. All wagons.
He turned to Michael, “All wagons. My old student is on the move.”
“I see this stream across the field. Is it a problem?”
“No. it is dry. In the rainy season it is more of a stream but fordable. The swamp on our right is marshy.
“I will deploy my command in the center. I will cover the right. Hopefully, the marsh will cramp their movement. Michael, you will be next to me have cover the left hill. Demitrius, to the far left.”
They nodded and rode off to their commands.

As Tims Corvinus saw the byzantine deployment, his expression changed.
“You have grown old, my old teacher. Do you really want to do this.?? Where is my old master: Edwardus the Rash.” He raised his head in laughter.
“Let our knights meet his center. Place the large LC blocks on our left. He has left his right flank very weak. Our infantry will take the hill on the right. The Wallachia’s will move on the right and brush aside his esteemed companion, Demetrius.”command.”
Soon his knights advanced on the center and the LC blocks moved to the byzantine right.
Suddenly, a messenger rode up to Tims Corvinus.
“Sir, the Wallachians are not moving. There seems that your orders were not received (Rolled a one for generals).
He grabbed the messenger by the cloak and sternly said through clenched teeth.
“I send another command.Tell the Wallachians to advance and clear the right flank.”

Later Hungarian (Tim Gile)

CinC 2E Ir B SHK/EHK L,Sh + PA 195
3x 2E Banderia Ir B SHK/EHK L,Sh - 124 ea (372)

2x 9E Hungarian Cav Ir C LC 1/3 Jls,B,Sh 2/3 B - 115 ea (230)

2x 6E Jabbagi spear Ir C MI LTS,Sh - 97 ea (194)
4E Archers Ir C LI B - 41

9 unit command

Wallachian Ally Ir B HK L,Sh + P - 124
3x 2E Wallachian Ir B HK L,Sh - 91 ea (273)

2x 4E Viteji Ir C LC Jls,B,Sh/B - 69 ea (138)
6E Archers Ir C LI B 1/2 Sh - 55

7 unit command

NikeByz(early) Edward Kollmer Scout

CNC HC,Reg A,L,B,sh+PA 2 200
2El Archers (detach)LC,RegD,B 6 25
4El Varangian LHI,RegB,1/2 2HCW,Jls,sh 130
1/2 Jls,sh
4El Varangian LHI,RegB,1/2 2HCW,Jls,sh 130
1/2 Jls,sh
4El Varangian LHI,RegB,1/2 2HCW,Jls,sh 130
1/2 Jls,sh
2El Kataphrat SHC,RegB,L,sh 146
2El Kataphrat SHC,RegB,L,sh 146

Michael EHC,RegA,L,B,sh+PA/HC,L,B,sh 2 134
2El Archers (detach)LC,RegD,B 6 25
4El Psiloi LI,RegD,B 2 26
4El Psiloi LI,RegD,B 2 26
9El Skutatoi 1/3 RegC,MI,Lts,D,sh 142
1/3 RegD,MI,Lts,sh
1/3 RegD,MI,B

Demitrius EHC,RegA,L,B,sh+PA/HC,L,B,sh 2 134
2El Archers (detach)LC,RegD,B 6 25
2El Lancers HC,RegC,L,B,sh 2 82
2El Archers (detach)LC,RegD,B 6 25
4El Pechnegs LC,IrgC,Jls,B,sh 12 81
total 1607
Scouting 48

As the Byzantines advanced, Edwardus soon saw two large units of LC coming over the hill on his right. Realizing that only he and his small LC unit stood against them. He motioned to a messenger.
“Ride to Michael and tell him to come around to the right and help stall these LC.”
He concurrently noticed the coming Hungarian KN on his center into the Varangians and SHC. Too late he
Ordered the Varangians to shake out into line from line.

Simultaneously, Michael swung right and drove across the field. He realized that Edwardus was hard pressed on the right against the large LC units. He watched as the Imperial banner falling back.

At the same time Demetrius moved across the hill and soon saw the might of Wallachian approaching him. He knew that he did not have enough to hold them. His concern was for the Skutatoi to his right. They were soon to be flanked.

After a resounding clash, soon brave Varangians and SHC were littering the center. Another Varangian unit seeing their comrades slaughtered: shook. They too shared the fate of their fellows, when another KN unit plowed into them and they joined the retreating throng.

Galloping back seized the soldier beside him.
“Ride to Michael and Demetrius! Tell them to cover our retreat.”
The soldier motioned to his companion and they sprinted off.
Edwardus reined in his stallion. Surveying the field.
“We will regroup and stop my esteemed student further to the south.”
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