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2nd manuscript of the 2nd encounter of NikeByzantine at C5N

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Ed Kollmer

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 06, 2017 11:18 pm    Post subject: 2nd manuscript of the 2nd encounter of NikeByzantine at C5N

Second Manuscript to the emperor about the 2nd encounter at C5N

I, Theophylact, servant of Edwardus, commander of the western armies, continue to write the occurrences at C5N. Edwardus after some rest persisted in his account of the now second encounter.
As Edwardus’s wounds were being bound up after the Rajput battle, a scout galloped up and reported that a new enemy was approaching. A Ptolemaic Army. Once more, Edwardus would face elephants. The scout further reported that the terrain was two small hills on the right and three wooded area across the center of the field. The Egyptians main center line were peltasts. Edwardus asked Othogar, the varangian, if he could defeat the Peltasts on the other side of the wood. Othogar replied that he could if the wood did not slow him.
Unfortunately, the potions that the physicians have given Edwardus have made him laps once more into sleep. Edwardus wants this report to be sent to the emperor; therefore, I will now complete the report from witnesses
Othogar: the commander gave me the order to attack the peltasts in the center of the line. The wood delayed us but the enemy continually skirmished away. The enemy had many peltasts.
Leo and Manuel: We accompanied our commander, Edwardus into battle. We saw his reactions to the progress of the battle. He had placed the LMI, B,sh unit and the small LI. B to the right of the varangians. He had hoped that they would drive off the large LI B unit of the enemy, but after repeated volleys they continued to recall and fire. He viewed with anxiety the movement of the elephants around his right. I warned him that the camp was in danger. Fortunately, the camp was in transport nature and he ordered it to move over the low hill and move more to our rear. As his frustration with this defiant enemy LI continued to build, due in part to the pain from his pervious wound. We could see him grimace periodically. Suddenly, seeing the day slip away, with a crazed look in his face, he ordered a charge at the enemy LI. We warned him of this course of action, but to no avail. We charged into the LI and became entwined with the enemy. Unexpectedly, the trumpet of elephants were heard on our right as elephants crested the low hill and move toward us. It was at this moment that a chance Jls struck the commander and he slumped from his horse. We caught him before he fell to the ground and immediately retreated to our camp. We feared that the day was lost.
Demitri: My main objective was to find a weakness in the enemy line and crush through it. Unfortunately, the elephants made wide flanking movements on both sides. I realized that my only opportunity was to maneuver between the wood and hopefully charge a peltast unit, make it waver. Hopefully, it would fail, giving us a good opportunity to route it and crack their line. I managed to get two HC, L,B,sh units in position to deliver the blow. Sadly, the peltasts did not fail the waver and our HC just managed to recoil them. I sounded the recall trumpet when I saw Edwardus’s sacred banner retreated. I was instantly aware that the enemy also was withdrawing (time was up).

Ptolemaic: 1pt (Legendary BillLow)
NikeByzantine: 1pt (EdKollmer)


It was three weeks since the fateful battles at C5N. Edwardus was slowly recovering. He asked the emperor to be relieved from his command in order to recover fully and return to his beloved monastery. Michael also recovered and returned to his estate in Thrace. Demitri returned to his first love the imperial horse farm. Both Michael and Demitri, brothers in arms, reaffirmed their loyalty to Edwardus and wait for his return to duty.
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