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Fall In 2017 Results

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 06, 2017 10:22 pm    Post subject: Fall In 2017 Results

Fall In was played with die roles for General's skills and all shooting at minus one...

Friday's Mini Winner Robert T., with Alexandrian

Others by precedence:

Rich K., Hunnic
Fred S., Alexandrian
Tom B., Lysimacid

Saturday's Open Winner Scott M., with Seleucid (see below for my excuse)

2nd Robert K., Kanemborno

3rd tied at 9 each:

Jim B., Pyrrhic
Mark C., Nikephorian Byzantine
Fred S., Aexandrian

Others by precedence:

Mike K., Islamic Persian
Rick K., Hoenstaffen
Don C., NKE

My excuse (prayer to the lord of Bad Karma for winning a tournament where I was Ump and the "fill in."

First game I pair up randomly with Robert. Heck I'm not even thinking when I decide where the commands will go and end up with a traffic jam behind brush on my left... But, Robert proceeds to fail four waiver tests in a row routing one and shaking two in the first battle sequence of the game. Enough said, no acumen required.

Ditto in game two playing Mark where I rolled up three at least seven times. Could have been eight; I lost track. But hey we both rolled up three twice at the same time, I managed a down three a couple of times and Mark a down four. It was one of those truly AWESOME games!

Game three vs Jim B., was just an army mismatch as I just walked my styled chariots, elephants and pike straight into his foot. Jim won the cavalry battle on the flank taking out all three of my cav with his.

Just for fun... With the four rolls I made for general's skills I rolled all 1's and 2's for leadership wimps and bleeders.

Best to all, great fun!

Scott M

PS photos sent to Todd K.
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 16, 2017 9:45 pm    Post subject: Fall IN

Had a blast - good games - 3rd game of the first tournament I played just about perfectly - sometimes aplan works and that did perfectly - playing an opponent with irr B Lts, Jls, sh units - not one of them got an impeteous charge due to agrresive flank work and elephants - but overall had a blast - really loved Alex imperial, finally found a way to run the mandatory cav - and used peltasts, elephants and pikes with companion backup well to take our Huns, other macedonians, Alexanddrian and succesor - fun list
Then played Kanem Borno - and after losing to the umpire - next two games played really well. But everyone hits the reg C lmi - if I pass the waver tests they lose - I fail I lose.
Did not like the -1 for shooting at all - it changes the game a lot - I woudl vote no thanks for the theme. I also worry that D class troops that cannot shoot very quickly reach stalemate - have played it with Todd K. i n past - poor shooting makes it worse - I have a solution - but my expectation is it will be another horse archer theme - 200 lc, B Irr D adn then rel troops for therest of the points
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