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Council of 5 Nations AAR - Later Crusader

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Todd Kaeser

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 09, 2018 4:43 pm    Post subject: Council of 5 Nations AAR - Later Crusader

Later Crusader
1401 points – 42 scouting
CinC 2E Ir B EHK/HK L,Sh + PA (178)
2E Ir A HK L,Sh (97)
2E Ir A HK L,Sh (97)
2E Ir B HK L,Sh (91)
4E Turkopoles Ir C LC L,B,Sh/L,B (73)
4E Turkopoles Ir C LC L,B,Sh/L,B (73)
6E Foot Sold. Ir C MI LTS,Sh (97)
6E Foot Sold. Ir C MI LTS,Sh (97)
6E Syrian Archers Ir D LI B (37)

Sub 2E Reg A EHK/HK L,Sh + P (138)
2E Military Order Reg A HK L,Sh (94)
2E Military Turkopoles Reg C LC L,B,Sh (50)
2E Military Turkopoles Reg C LC L,B,Sh (50)
6E M.O. Foot Reg C HI/MI Cb (106)
6E Europeans Ir C LI B (49)
4E Assassin Civ. Militia Reg C LMI B,Sh (74)

German King Frederick of Barbarossa, after a near-fatal slip crossing the Goksu river, finally makes it to the holy land with his Crusaders. Faced with multiple arguments with Richard the Lionhearted and Henry II of France, Frederick separates his contingent with the rest of the Crusaders and heads out in search of carving out a kingdom of his own. He has enlisted the help of some local turkopoles and a group of Assassin bowmen, as well as, a small group of Hospitallers. He and his small contingent heads east in hope of glory and the greater glory of God.

Council of 5 Nations is a great little tournament in NY, just over the MA border. I chose Later Crusader as I love the time period and the army has some neat aspects to it. The light cavalry is excellent – L,B,Sh is the optimal armament and it has a mix of irregular and regular. The knights aren’t optimal but there are plenty (6 units) for 1400 points and some irreg A. The foot is ok being irreg C and MI but LTS is a solid defensive weapon. I like (most hate) the Military Order close foot Cb unit. I agree that it is not a great unit and is costly for what it is capable of doing. I like the “regularness” of it as it is maneuverable and I try to keep it at a distance for shooting. The Assassin foot is a favorite unit that fills the edges and gaps between close foot and LC. It can shoot away cavalry and is my only anti-elephant unit. I think of it as a “B” or “B-“ type army. I also just recently painted the knights and foot for the theme last Cold Wars AND I have a beautifully painted general of Frederick (painted by the master Greg Hauser himself) so who wouldn’t want to showcase it?

Pictures are in the album section for the tournament.

Frederick of Barbarossa and his contingent of Crusaders enters the sand storm as they travel east... When the sand settles they find themselves on the island nation of Japan. Scott McDonald commanding an all Samurai force of LEHI 2HCT,B/LHI 1HCW,B with a few mounted units in the rear. The battlefield is perfect for the Samurai who chose the stream to anchor their flank. Frederick decides to delay left and move all the knights, including the Hospitallar knights and attack the two most right units of Samurai. The Crusaders have their spear to hold the flanks of the knights. Screened by the light infantry bowmen the knights charge. The pounding of the hooves sounds like thunder as the ground shakes. The Samurai hold their ground as they successfully pass their morale tests and are recoiled. Both sides roll evens or less and the Samurai are both recoiled. A knight unit fails its disordered while disorder test. Second round of combat see its rout and both irreg A knight units roll down 4…yes BOTH roll down 4. The Samurai roll up and the battle is over. 5-1 to Scott.

Frederick gathers up his forces for the 2nd battle traveling back west to the Holy Land. Another sand storm and when it clears opposing him on a dune table (hey we made it to the right area) are the Sea People army of yesteryear. Bill Low is commanding the army and the table is littered with dunes and hills that are also dunes. Bill sets up the Sea Peoples in the gap between the dunes. The flanks are secured with close foot and wagons for defense. The attack is going to have to be down the middle. Knights! It is time to charge again! Frederick instructs his lights to draw out the Irreg A fronted barbarian blocks and it works creating a gap between the units. Without cavalry the knights are able to hit the Sea People units flatfooted. It is over quickly for the Sea Peoples. 5-0. Not a great matchup for Bill.

Third round finds the crusaders again moving East and winding up in Vietnam….. Jake Kovel commanding a largely barbarian army in the lush brushland of Vietnam. The battlefield is choked with brush which will allow for a lack of waiver tests for the knight charges. We’re going to have to dig them out the hard way. The Hospitallars are sent to the left trying to draw off the elephants from the center. Crusader knights are sent right into the big brush screened by light cavalry and light infantry. Spearmen hold two of the gaps in the brushes relatively unsupported. The thought: if Jake sends troops he’ll have to send a decent amount to fight the spear. What a clash of arms in this battle. The Hospitallar command gets lucky breaking a line unit of LHI Jls,Sh and causing the Ally to shake (along with a LI unit) the command temporarily goes into retirement. A turn later it reverts as the general rallies only to be shot up and forced to waiver and shake again. The right is a beast of a fight with a 4E Vietnamese unit rolling up 4 to push off 2 knight units. Otherwise it breaks and carries off 2 other units and is probably the game there. Back and forth it goes on the right – both sides lose units but Frederick’s dice hold up a little more and the Vietnamese army goes into retirement. 5-2 Frederick was at 12 fatigues at the end.

Overall Later Crusader was a lot of fun. All six knight units charged each game some multiple times. The light cavalry did its job overall and the knights were great to charge into things. Lots of fun and thanks to Dan and Ewan for all the organization. Good friends to see as well. It seems that after a 2-1 record that Frederick is able to carve out a small kingdom of his own in the Holy Land.
Todd Kaeser
Scribe to Frederick of Barbarossa

Nolite te Bastardes Carborundorum
"Don't let the Bastards Grind You Down"
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