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HYW theme:The Chronicles of Otto : Chapter 2

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Ed Kollmer

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 01, 2014 9:08 pm    Post subject: HYW theme:The Chronicles of Otto : Chapter 2

This game followed the first immediately. Same lists, Same cast of Actors.
Unfortunately, I had to leave after 2 hours into the game. So I didn't see the end. However, I hope I got it right. ToddK and BillL can disavow and knowledge of me. That is why this AAR is so long in coming. Sorry if I got the last part correct.

Chapter 2

Imperial Camp:
Same lists and Commanders.
ToddK was Otto
BillL was Peter
EdK was Ottokar

The Hungarian LC messenger galloped up to the pavilion and slide off his horse. The guard at the entrance lowered his spear.
“Message for the Count!”
Soon Otto appeared at the entrance. He waved to the guard who raised his weapon.
“Sir! They are forming up beyond Wiltonburg. They mean to attack.”
“Thank you! Form up your unit!”
The messenger saluted and jumped upon his mount and was away shouting.
Konrad appeared at his shoulder.
“It seems Peter must be recovered. The notice you sent them about a truce till he was recovered was not received too well. Obviously, his injury was not a mortal as we thought.” Konrad mused.
“Or maybe his pride drove him to the attack regardless of his injury.” Otto replied
Ottokar materialized suddenly.
“So the dogs have finally come out of their holes.”
“Maybe not dogs but they have come to fight. And we don’t have the advantage of picking out ground or surprise. Muster your men! Let’s see what this meeting will bring.”

Otto, Konrad and Ottokar moved before their troops. They viewed the ground.
A hill, center right flank; another hill forward center of the French line, also a wood center left flank of the Imperial line.
“Hungarian LC to the far right flank with the CB to their left and one of the HI units on their shoulder. Have the Bombard move to that hill on the right next to the CB.
The three remaining HI units will cover the open between the right hill and the wood on the left with the center hill facing them. That leaves the LI and the HG to cover the wood.”
“I will cover the left again!” Ottokar growled and rode off toward the left.
“The knights will spread out along the line as planned, Ja!” Konrad looked at Otto.
Otto nodded and they moved out together toward the center hill.

Peter rode out onto the field; his wound pained him each bounce of his charger.
“Deploy as planned!” He shouted to his commanders.
Spanish LC galloped to the left, followed by the LI with an EHK unit as support.
Two EHK with the Two LHI units moved toward the hill on the French left.
The Civic Militia moved to the center hill with a EHK to support them with the Cathars on their right. Peter moved out with two EHK to the right of them. Peter motioned these two LHI units to move up the right flank.
Soon Peter saw the wagons and teams moving the Bombards to the hill on his left.
He turned sharply, motioned to a messenger.
“Tell Boix, to move the LI onto the hill toward the Bombards and have him move the two LHI and the two EHK to shift further left behind the Spanish LC and drive around the hill.

Ottokar realizing that the French LHI were moving around his left.
“Sigmund, swing your EHK unit around the wood on the left and destroy that LHI. Those HG’ers and LI will never hold them.”
Suddenly, his gaze was attracted to the Aragonese standard targeting the HI unit on the right of the wood to his right. He signaled one of the Imperial EHK over on his right to follow him.

The Imperial line of HI moved forward. The French LI moved up the hill to face the Imperial Bombards as ordered. The Spanish LC faced off against the Hungarian LC. Exchanging shots and insults which neither understood since they spoke different languages. However, knowledge was inconsequential, bother understood the meanings. However, the Spanish with their JLS prevailed and pushed back the Hungarians which opened up the flank since the Imperial CB moved up the hill to support the Bombards and face the French LI.

Otto on the Imperial right spied the shift in the French line around the hill to his right. He saw the Hungarians move back, followed by the Spanish. He signaled the two Imperial EHK units to his right. The first Imperial EHK charged in and met the French EHK. After an intense combat the Imperial broke. Since they were Gleven, the Hungarians did not care and the other Gleven unit disliked them.

In the center the Civic unit moved down the hill and charged the two HI units approaching them and locked. The Cathars were also unleached still they were recoiled. An Aragonese EHK unit charged in to help the Militia.
Black Karl on Konrad’s left saw the charge of the Aragonese. He raised his lance.
“Now is our time, my children!” He growled. Crouching his lance, he spurred his charger, who leapt forward. Suddenly, the Drachenhausen war cry exploded. They crashed into the Aragonese and locked. Unfortunately the HI unit still recoiled.

Meanwhile, Imperial EHK unit sent by Ottokar on their left plowed into the LHI coming around the wood and recoiled them and after a pursuit broke them. The French CB unit in the wood hearing and seeing EHK on their right moved over to hit the Imperial EHK unit in the flank.

Otto realizing, that he needed to meet the danger on his right, followed the two EHK units driving on the right. Suddenly he and one other EHK unit plowed into the LHI units coming around the hill. One, surprised and shocked, shook. The other locked.

Simultaneously, Ottokar and his other unit movied forward to counter Peter’s advanced. Peter and another EHK charged the Imperial HI.
Ottokar saw his opportunity and spurred his charger. The Battle of the Standards overshadowed the center. Ottokar vs Peter. The field viewed the struggle of giants.
Was it Peter’s wound or just the cruelty and arrogance of Ottokar that move the day?
The Aragonese standard slowly recoiled and retreated.
The Cry went up along the Imperial line as the French line crawled back.
Ottokar raised his sword and roared arrogantly in triumph.

Otto rode to the top of the hill on the right next to the Bombard. He lowered his sword and slumped in his saddle.
“The French earned our respect this day. We got lucky. I know we were going to lose the right flank. Signal the recall. Let us end as we are winning. If we get greedy, this could change.”
Ottokar, seeing the recall signal, knowing it was time to stop while they were winning. Did not complain.
Konrad himself, not in combat understood the battle was a marginal win as the sun sunk below the west hills.
Units gathered up their wounded and slowly trudged back to camp.
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