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A Four Horsemen Enterprises Rules Set
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HYW: Chronicles of Otto of the Silver Hand, Ch4

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Ed Kollmer

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 26, 2014 6:23 pm    Post subject: HYW: Chronicles of Otto of the Silver Hand, Ch4

The flap of the tent opened as King Jagiello strode out accompanied by his advisors. He motioned to his attendant to ready his charger. His retinue mounted and circled around and were soon seen trotting out of the German camp.
Otto soon after appeared out of the pavilion also escorted by his comrades.
“I think we fought the wrong foe here.” Growled Black Carl
“Aye! Jagiello has filled in some blanks for us. It seems that Ottokar was busy at stirring up more trouble than the Emperor knew.” Imported Master Nickolaus.
“More importantly, we now know why the Emperor is sending us on our next mission.” Stated Otto.
“Ja! The Emperor thinks it is about arrogance and disloyalty but now we know that it is also about power, greed and deceit.” Reported Konrad as he limped next to Otto.
Otto turned and questioned.
“How is your leg, father?”
“Well enough, Otto. When my charger fell on me, I was lucky that it was the only serious wound.”
“Ottokar will be dealt with but now we know the real problem here. Both the Pole and the Emperor have grievances against them.” Judged Otto.
“Ja! We move against the Brothers!” Finished Black Carl
Otto nodded and turned and reentered the pavilion.
Karl, Nickolaus, and Konrad stood staring into evening sun where they perceived the vanishing figures of Jagiello and his retinue.

Two weeks later:
The day was warm as Otto and his retinue marched along the northern road to the Baltic. Suddenly, a scout ran up and fell to his knee and looked up breathing heavy.
“ Large force approaches along the road toward us.”
Otto looked up and peered down the road straining to see something.
“Knights??? What do they look like?”
“Peasants! Lord Otto.”
“Peasant!” Growled Black Carl.
Soon along the road and out of the surrounding wood materialized a large ragged throng carrying axes and other sorts of weapons.
Otto and his companions drew their swords and moved up into a close circle. Soon the following units pushed up.
Presently a single figure moved out of the peasant throng and approached Otto. He bowed.
“My name is Kurand. I am the spokesman for these followers. We have heard that you move against the Brothers. King Jagiello knowing that he cannot outwardly attack or support an attack against the Brothers; however, he has allowed his nobles to release their peasants to assist you. We have suffered much at the hands of the Brothers. We have come to help you.”
Otto and his followers looked with amazement. They sheathed their weapons.
“What can you tell us?” Otto queried.
“The Brother’s army is just across the wood. They are alerted to your coming and are prepared for your approach.”
A second time Otto’s face waxed surprised.
“Can we trust these rabbles.” Whispered Black Carl.
“There is no reason for them to lie!”
Otto dismounted and moved toward Kurand.
“What is their disposition and the lay of the land?”
Kurand dropped to his knee and started to draw on the ground. Otto looked at the map he drew.
“The ground is this. Here on your right is a rough and two hills. One hill is more in the middle of the flank somewhat in the center. The next hill is further on their side of the flank. On the other side of the field is another rough on your flank. There is a wood on the Brothers right flank.”
Otto motioned to his commanders to come forward. Soon he was surrounded.
“ Father! Take the LI Bow. Place them in the rough on the right flank. Bring your CB unit next to them also in the rough. I will spread the four 2HCT units across the center. I will place the other CB unit in the rough on our left. Father, take two Knight units and cover the gaps on the right. I will fill the gaps in the center with the other Knight units. I will be on the center left. Black Carl! You will be the last knight unit on the right shoulder of the left rough area between the CB unit and the last 2HCT on the left.”
They nodded and remounted their chargers.
“To your positions and may our arms prevail “
“May the Brothers feel our steel!” Shouted Konrad.(rolled Rash)
“Lord Count! Where should we be?” Questioned Kurand.
Otto looked down and pointed to the left.
“There in the wood on the left. Hold it!”
He nodded and joggled back to his fellows.

Medieval German Princes #27
Otto(Ed Kollmer)
Konrad(Matt Webster, rolled Rash)

2E Otto IrB SHK,L,sh+PA
2E Konrad IrB SHK,L,sh+P
2E Imperial Kn IrB/C SHK/HC,L,sh
2E Imperial Kn IrB/C SHK/HC,L,sh
2E Feudal Kn IrB/C SHK/HC,L,sh
2E Feudal Kn IrB/C SHK/HC,L,sh
2E Feudal Kn IrB/C SHK/HC,L,sh
6E Feudal Infantry IrC HI/MI,2HCT,1/2 P
6E Town Infantry RegD,HI/MI,2HCT,1/2 P
6E Town Infantry RegD,HI/MI,2HCT,1/2 P
6E Town Infantry RegD,HI/MI,2HCT,1/2 P
6E Mercenary CrossBow,RegC,LMI,CB,
6E Town CrossBow,RegD,LMI,CB,
18E Peasants IrE LMI 1/2 2HCW, 1/2 IPW
6E Feudal Archers,RegD,LI B

Early Teutonic Order(early)
Ulrich von Jungingen (Matt Kollmer)

2E UlrichR/A EHK L,sh, ½ R/B HC L,sh+PAS
2E Kuno R/A EHK L,sh, ½ R/B HC L,sh+PA
2E R/A EHK L,sh, ½ R/B HC,L,sh
2E R/A EHK L,sh, ½ R/B HC,L,sh
2E I/A EHK L,sh, ½ I/B
2E I/A EHK L,sh, ½ I/B

2E I/A EHK L,sh, ½ I/B HC,L,sh
6E I/D LC jls,B,sh
4E I/D LC jls,B,sh
9E I/D LMI,Jls,sh, 3E 2HCW
9E I/D LMI,Jls,sh, 3E 2HCW
9E I/D LMI,Jls,sh, 3E 2HCW
9E I/D LMI,Jls,sh, 3E 2HCW

4E I/C LHI ½ 2HCW, ½ Jls,sh
4E I/C LHI ½ 2HCW, ½ Jls,sh
9E I/D LMI,Jls,sh, 3E 2HCW

Ulrich rode out into the middle of the field and surveyed the Germans forming line.(Otto was outscouted 41 to Cool
He turned to Kuno von Lichtenstein.
“Brother, we will have to destroy their center first and quickly”
“Why such urgency?”
“If we can’t break their center our knights will not be able to match their knights. We need to hurt them and hopefully leave their knights unsupported to destroy them. If not, we will be unable to match them.”
“I think you overestimate their abilities.”
“Don’t you overestimate our abilites.” Shot Ulrich back.
“Put the LC on our left on those hills, along with one of the Crusader Knight units
Spread out our Prussian foot to match their foot and place our last Prussian foot unit to cover that wood on our far right. Place one unit of Danish Huscarl between the LC and the Prussian foot and the other Danish Huscarl foot toward the rough on our right, facing their LMI CB. Our knights will be spread out behind our line and follow up any breaks.”
Kuno nodded slide his helm over his head and galloped off.
Soon the Prussian foot advanced quickly across the field between the armed lines and instantly charged impetuously.
The Germans were shocked at the ferocity of the Prussian attack. They did not even get their pavises placed before the enemy was upon them. The fight was vicious and brief. ALL four of the Germans infantry units routed. Furthermore, they swept one of the imperial knight units with them.
Konrad, on the right of the infantry line, as well as Otto on the left of the infantry line looked with dismay as the center totally collapsed.
“We must retreat!” Master Nickolaus cried to Konrad.
“What!” billowed Konrad.
“The battle is over.” Nickolaus countered.
“The battle of the rabble is over. The battle of the Warriors has only begun!” Konrad roared and spurred his charger and impetuously charged the Danish foot.
Ulrich spying the Dragon banner’s onslaught, signaled the Crusader knights to interpenetrate the Danes and received the Dragon charge. The crusaders disordered but charging down hill met the Dragon. Konrad managed to recoil them uphill.
Nickolaus immediately noticed the victorious Prussian foot turning to flank Konrad. He waved his unit left and met them head on and stopped their advance. Sadly, a Brother knight unit seeing the titanic struggle, plowed into Konrad’s shieldless side.
Konrad held.
Simultaneously, on the left of the German line, Otto seeing the Dragon Banner’s advanced, motioned to Black Carl on his left to charge.
Black Carl smiled his fateful grin and charged impetuously into the facing Crusaders.
He recoiled them disordered and followed up.
Otto synchronized his charge with Carl’s and drove into the Crusaders facing him and routed them. Regrettably, the victory was short lived. He was soon surrounded by Brother knights and Prussian foot on all sides.
The blast to retire was soon heard low and melancholy across the field; as the battered Germans limped to camp.
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