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HYW: Chronicles of Otto of the Silver Hand, Ch5

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Ed Kollmer

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PostPosted: Tue May 20, 2014 5:11 am    Post subject: HYW: Chronicles of Otto of the Silver Hand, Ch5

Otto’s camp outside of Ratibor:
Kurand stood calm but impatiently outside the Count’s tent. He had come early for the meeting hoping that it would show the Count that he was sincere and honest. He had waited for about and hour now and he was wondering that it might be an indication of the answer he would get to his request.
Suddenly, the flap of the tent flew open and out walked the tall one called Black Carl, followed by others some of whom he was unsure of. However, one must have been Master Nickolas. Last to exit was Baron Conrad, he was sure since he was the oldest and he walked with a limp. It must have been an important meeting, Kurand thought.
His concentration was broken by the servant calling him.
“Hey you there!! Are you Kurand?”
He turned dumbfounded.
“Yes….. Yes…. It is me.”
“Come the Count will see you now.”
Kurand slowly walked into the darkness of the pavilion. There sitting at the table peering at maps and notes was Count Otto. He raised his head as he squinted at the light of the opening. Kurand bowed and fell to his knee.
Otto motioned him to rise.
“You wanted something, Kurand?”
“Yes. Lord, we, my fellows and I , want to follow you to Portlandburg.”
“Why? Queried Otto surprised. “Don’t you want to return to your homes and families?
“Those that came when the King gave his permission had little or no family or had nothing to go back for. You offer another chance at life. Those that came; came because they had nothing.”
“Will King Jagiello permit it.?”
“If you ask, he will allow it.”
“I will ask.” Otto replied.
“Thank you, sir. We appreciate your respect.”
Kurand bowed again and backed out of the pavilion.

On the road near Portlandburg:
The rain fell in uneven sheets, as the German army slushed its way toward Portlandburg. Otto and his retinue slowly waded along side the columns of infantry. Otto pulled his hood slightly aside as he examine the road ahead.
“Good that we didn’t bring the artillery,Otto. It wouldn’t have made it in this mud.” His father shouted over the rain.
“Looks like a building ahead. We will see what it has to offer.”
They moved along the column and soon approached the edifice.
“Looks like a monastery of some sort.” Master Niickolas observed.
Soon the door opened and a figure clothed as a monk emerged from the building.
“Peace with you.” He greeted.
“May we enter and stay the night?” Otto inquired
“Come in peace, my lord.” Replied the monk, who upon further observation, was quite old and frail.
Otto turned to Master Nickolas.
“See to the army and report back when all are settled.”
Nickolas nodded and trotted off to the head of the column.
The noble group followed the monk into the building and were soon given accommodations in dry quarters.
Shortly a young monk appeared and soon led them to the dining room.
Otto and his companions sat and viewed the table. The elderly monk again appeared and food was brought out. It was simple fare.
Black Carl drew his knife and was about to spear some beard when the elderly monk motioned with his arm. It was thin but the motion was strong.
“We must give thanks, my lords”
Otto smiled and nodded to Carl, who lowered his knife.”
The old monk slowly blessed the food and gave thanks.
Soon the sound of eating food filled the room.
“This monastery looks somewhat strange, father.”
“It was built by the ancient Greeks. Portlandburg was once an important trading city of the Greeks. It was called Portandia at the time. A great battle was fought here many years ago. The great Thessalian leader Lilroblis and his trusted Etruscan Ally Vel Hathisna moved against the city on their way to south. Portandia called to the Spartans for assistance. Leonidas came but was defeated on the plain on the other side of the city. However, he was able to hold the city. Portlandia was bypassed and saved. Lilrobis was a great war leader.”
“Yes! I have heard of him and his exploits. Vel Hathisna is also well known. In my youth, I read of his adventures in the abbey library.” Otto added.
“Lilroblis was indeed great. Even Derekcus of the south has shown him great respect.” The monk continued.
Eyes widened and mouths opened. Murmuring was heard around the table.
“Derekcus the great”
The monk looked at Otto and asked seriously.
“And what brings you and your army here, my lord?”
“The emperor Rudolf wants to reaffirm the empire’s control over Portlandburg. The Italian city states are asserting their power into the area. The French are also assisting them in this endeavor.”
“The Italian princes are indeed moving in. There is an Italian army just across the field here.”
Otto rose suddenly.
“Where are they camped?”
“If the weather was better, you would be able to see their camp across the plain. They know you are here and know your disposition. Actually, I was waiting for you.” (Germans were outscouted)
Otto motioned to his men.
“We need to prepare for the morrow and rest. Thank you for hospitality, Good father. We need to rest and prepare.”
“God go with you.

On the morrow :

Otto rode out to the field and turned his gaze to the sky. The day was pleasant and clear. There was a wood on the right flank with a hill beyond it on the Italian left flank. A small rise was situated left center with a stream that ran the length of his left flank. Suddenly, he heard the thud of horse’s hooves approaching. Black Carl, Konrad, Nickolas and Prince Albert all removed their helms.

I added the 15% more points for the Theme. The list was 1826pts.
The last three items were the added part.
Medieval German Princes #27 ( Ed Kollmer

2E Otto IrB SHK,L,sh+PA
2E Konrad IrB SHK,L,sh+P
2E Imperial Kn IrB/C SHK/HC,L,sh
2E Imperial Kn IrB/C SHK/HC,L,sh
2E Feudal Kn IrB/C SHK/HC,L,sh
2E Feudal Kn IrB/C SHK/HC,L,sh
2E Feudal Kn IrB/C SHK/HC,L,sh
6E Feudal Infantry IrC HI/MI,2HCT,1/2 P
6E Town Infantry RegD,HI/MI,2HCT,1/2 P
6E Town Infantry RegD,HI/MI,2HCT,1/2 P
6E Town Infantry RegD,HI/MI,2HCT,1/2 P
6E Mercenary CrossBow,RegC,LMI,CB,
6E Town CrossBow,RegD,LMI,CB,
18E Peasants IrE LMI 1/2 2HCW, 1/2 IPW
6E Feudal Archers,RegD,LI B


2E SubGen IrrB, SHK/SHK,L,sh
2E LC RegC, CB
upgrade IrrE to IrrD

Otto pointed to the wood on the right.
“Have Kurand and the LI bow take the wood. Put the Mercenary CB on the shoulder of the wood. Line the four 2HCT units across the field with gaps for our Knight units. Put the second Town CB unit at the end of the line with there shoulder on the stream. Prince Albert take your unit with the LC CB across the stream and eventually come around their flank. Gentelmen take your units and fill the gaps between the infantry units.”
They nodded replaced their helms and trotted off.

I don’t have Robert Turnbull’s list;
He had Italian Condotta. Here is what I have.
4x SHK
3x LC CB
2x Jlsmen,sh
2x Pike
3x 2HCT, HG
1x LTS,sh
2x LI CB

Italian command:

Roberto stood in his stirrups and looked across the field as the Germans deployed. He smiled and turned to his companions.
“I will teach his Otto fellow a hard lesson. I understand that he is noble fellow. But today he will learn something.”
His retinue laughed and moved closer.
“He has his SHK backed by HC. This will be our plan. As we close, press his knights. Disorder them as soon as possible Then we will attack his HC and strip them of their HC and route them.”
The companions laughed.
“Send the LI CB into the wood against those peasants. Put the 2HCT units on the left center of the field with the Jlsmen and LTS units between them. Put the Pike on the right with the other JLSmen. We knights will be heavy on the right. Sent two LC CB across the stream and harass that noble knight over yonder. To your places.”
Soon they were trotting to their places and the Italians moved forward.

Otto viewed the Italian disposition and turned to the knight unit to his right.
“Do you see that small LTS unit. Break that and follow through. I will follow you and hopefully we can start an avalanche and destroy his center.”
The unit raised their lances and charged through the gap and hit the spearmen and recoiled them. Unfortunately, they disordered themselves. The Italian 2HCT fired their HGs and charged the German 2HCT and disordered them. Soon the whole line was charging and the din was terrible. The German Infantry was unable to hold the Pike. Black Carl drove into the Italian 2HCT unit but was disordered. Robeto’s plan was working. With the German Knights disordered their HC was stripped from them and Black Carl despite his roars was swept away with his knights. The hard pressed German Infantry seeing Black Carl retreating shook. The SHK unit that Otto sent in against the LTS unit was also crushed and again the Feudal Infantry, wavered. Nickolas seeing Black Carl retreating and its effects on the German line also wavered.
On the far left, Konrad crossing the stream with Prince Albert was moving around the Italian right, Looked back. One of his retainers shouted.
“Baron, we are lost.”
Konrad shocked as he viewed the German line evaporating. Raised his sword and motioned the retreat.
Simultaneously Otto on center right looked with horror as his line broke in front of him.
Quickly, he moved across the field covering their retreat.
Tomorrow will be another day.
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