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HYW: Chronicles of Otto of the Silver Hand, Ch6

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Ed Kollmer

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PostPosted: Thu May 22, 2014 4:06 am    Post subject: HYW: Chronicles of Otto of the Silver Hand, Ch6

Day two outside the city of Portlandburg:
Otto strode along the row of tents, encouraging his men and comforting the wounded. The day dragged on as more and more details had to be done. The Italians had moved along to Portlandburg and probably entering the city. Suddenly, in late afternoon, a report came to him that a French army was on the road they had previously used yesterday.
Konrad trotted up.
“The French are on the road behind us. Good thing they didn’t come yesterday. We would have been blind sided us. They have artillery. It really slowed them down with the rain and all.”
“Tell Carl, Nickolas, and Prince Albert to move across the field. We will meet them here. We’ll take the Italian position on this field, so no one will be behind us. ”
Konrad reign his charger and rode off.
Otto shouted orders to the officers around him.
Kurand approached running.
“Kurand take your people and move across the field and prepare our camp where the Italians had camped.
Black Carl rode up.
“Otto, what are we to do with the reinforcement that arrived yesterday.”
“Take the knights as your rear rank.”
He nodded and reined away. Soon the camp was turmoil of activity as the Germans prepared for battle.
(List changed from last game)
Medieval German Princes #27

2E Otto IrB SHK,L,sh+PA
2E Konrad IrB SHK,L,sh+P
2E Imperial Kn IrB, SHK,L,sh
2E Imperial Kn IrB/C SHK/HC,L,sh
2E Feudal Kn IrB/C SHK/HC,L,sh
2E Feudal Kn IrB/C SHK/HC,L,sh
2E Feudal Kn IrB/C SHK/HC,L,sh
6E Feudal Infantry IrC HI/MI,2HCT,1/2 P
6E Town Infantry RegC,HI/MI,2HCT,1/2 P
6E Town Infantry RegD,HI/MI,2HCT,1/2 P
6E Town Infantry RegD,HI/MI,2HCT,1/2 P
6E Mercenary CrossBow,RegC,LMI,CB,
6E Town CrossBow,RegD,LMI,CB,
2E Feudal Archers,RegD,LI B
2E Feudal Archers,RegD,LI B
2E Feudal Archers,RegD,LI B

2E Ally-Gen IrrB, SHK/SHK,L,sh
2E LC RegC, CB

(The field was now reversed. I was on the other side. The wood was now on my left and the stream was on my right. The rise was more center right now.)
(Germans outscouted the French)
Otto and his retinue were waiting as the French approached. The French commander with his banner of Fleur de Lis moved his LI into the wood, a CB unit on the shoulder of the wood with the artillery next to them. The French commander was solid on the shoulder of the artillery. A 2HCT came next facing the slight rise in the center. Another three CB units came next. The last CB unit was on the bank of the stream. The French knight units deployed back by the camp.

Otto viewed the deployment.
“Send one of the LI into the wood and keep his LI busy. Leave a gap, and then have one CB unit. Move a 2HCT on their shoulder but not in front of the artillery. Put the last two LI B to draw the artillery’s fire. Next will come the second 2HCT. Another gap. The third 2HCT came next facing the slight rise with Black Carl, Feudal Knight unit and Konrad behind them. Another gap, with the last 2HCT and CB unit, its shoulder on the stream. Prince Albert supported the CB. The LC were on his right.
Otto with Master Nickolas‘s unit were behind the CB next to the wood on the left.
The battle opened with the French moving forward quickly. The 2HCT took the slight rise. The CB units on the French left moved forward shooting. Bombards roared unfortunately it was mostly on LI.
Otto motioned to Nickolas to strike the French CB next to the wood. Nickolas charged in and shook them but was unable to route them. Nickolas was recoiled as two units of French knights came to their rescue. Another French knight unit came in and recoiled the German 2HCT on the left. Another French Knight unit came out and routed the second German 2HCT.
Black Carl eyed the French commander. He noticed that he never moved from the artillery.
Carl rode to Konrad.
“That French man is mine I remember him from Wiltonburg. When he moves, I will track him and meet him.”
Prince Albert motioned for the LC to cross the stream and flank the French line. They moved around the CB and were met by another French knight unit. This was enough to divert them from helping the French CB. The last German 2HCT on the left came in along with the German Feudal Knight unit and routed them and shaking another.
Simultaneously the French 2HCT came off the rise and hit the German 2HCT facing them. The fight was terrific. Konrad seeing an opportunity came into the French flank. Unfortunately, the German 2HCT unit broke under the pressure. Luckily, Konrad held them in place.
With the German center starting to fall back the French commander moved forward. Black Carl saw his opportunity. He motioned to the Feudal Knight unit to his right to cover him. Soon he charged in and met the French Fleur de Lis and recoiled him. The Feudals on Carl’s right also charged another French knight but did not fare as well and were recoiled. Carl continued to press the General’s unit. The General’s unit recoiled again as his charger stumbled.
Prince Albert started to press the French left as the French line started to fall back.
Otto looked down the line and turned his gaze to the sky. Night was fast approaching. His left was holding but this center was in trouble but Carl’s unit was pressing the French commander. He could not see Prince Albert on the right but since he was not retreating, he could only surmise that the Prince was advancing. However, the night would end the fight.
Otto called for the recall horns. The battles of Portlandburg were over.
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