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HYW:The Chronicles of Otto :The Final Chapter

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Ed Kollmer

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 01, 2014 9:13 pm    Post subject: HYW:The Chronicles of Otto :The Final Chapter

In the camp of Otto on the Main River two weeks earlier:

The sound of merry conversation and laughter echo from the large pavilion where Count Otto and his companions feast and rest after days of marching and training.
Otto and his wife Pauline side at the head of the table as servants scurry around picking up cups and filling them. Around the rectangular table sit the closest of Otto’s friends and advisors. Konrad, his father; Black Carl, his mentor; Master Nickolaus, One-Eyed Hans, who saved him so many years ago, Abbot Otto, his uncle and a royal visitor Prince Albert.
“What says the Emperor, Otto?” Konrad quires.
“Ya! What of the message that has come?” shouts Carl.
“There will be a great battle. The Emperor himself is mustering an army. However, more intriguing is what was in the message that our royal companion has received?” As he looked and motioned to Prince Albert.
Albert smiled and raised his hand.
“No secrets in the camp of Otto.” Laughed Albert.
“It is greater than you know Lord Otto. The message even surprised me. The whole empire is marching. I am to leave tomorrow for Basel and meet with Prince Michael of Hungary as well as a contingent of the Brothers.”
“The BROTHERS have joined in this fight. How is it possible?” roared Konrad!
“It seems that our battle with them despite our loss, embarrassed them. So when the Emperor called for their help, they felt that they might calm his anger.”
“More likely they want their backs clear so they can move on the Russ.” Interjected One-eyed Hans. Softly.
“Always the searcher of intentions huh, Hans.” Otto replied
“There is nothing honorable about this battle. It is about greed and revenge. The German robber barons along the border are angry at the French border barons for stealing their plunder. The Germans appealed to the Emperor, who felt that now is the time to punish the Duke of Burgundy for his protection of these barons. But now the French feel now is the time to exact revenge against the Emperor for our victories at Wiltonburg. But also now the Low Countries see the chance to gain more independence from the empire if they can defeat the Emperor with allies.” Hans reported coolly.
“Truth is never pleasant.” Abbot Otto stated.
“Three armies.” Nickolas mused.
“Yes! We also move to Basel. We will meet the Emperor there.” Declared Otto.
Konrad rose, ”Better start getting my men ready for the morrow.”
Soon they all stood and bowed to Pauline and took their leave.
As Otto and Pauline walked to their chambers, Pauline turned to him and murmured,
“I pray for you, Otto. This will be the final battle. All hinges on this outcome.”
“Have no fear, my love. You saved me when we were children, Now your prayers will save me again.”
He turned and drew in the flap.

Medieval German Princes #27 (Ed Kollmer)

2E Otto IrB SHK,L,sh+PA
2E Konrad IrB SHK,L,sh+P
2E Feudal Knights IrB EHK,L,sh
6E Feudal Infantry IrC HI/MI,2HCT,1/2 Pa
6E Town Infantry RegD,HI/MI,2HCT,1/2 Pa
6E Town Infantry RegD,HI/MI,2HCT,1/2 Pa
6E Mercenary CrossBow,RegC,LMI,CB,
6E Town CrossBow,RegD,LMI,CB,
2E Feudal Archers,RegD,LI B
2E Feudal Archers,RegD,LI B
2E Feudal Archers,RegD,LI B
2E Handgunners RegC, HI,HG
2E Bombards RegC

Holy Roman Imperial #25(Matt Kollmer)

2E Rudolph IrB SHK,L,sh+PA
2E Ottokar IrB SHK,L,sh+P
2E Imperial Kn IrB, SHK,L,sh
2E Imperial Kn IrB, SHK,L,sh
8E Mercenary Pike,RegB,HI,P
8E Mercenary Pike,RegC,HI,P
6E Town Infantry RegD,HI/MI,2HCT,1/2 Pa
2E Archers RegD, LI,B
2E Archers RegD, LI,B
2E Mounted Bow, IrC,LC B

Feudal German(Feudal) #3(Matt Webster)

2E Prince Rupert IrB SHK,L,sh+PA
2E Imperial RegB SHK,L,sh+P
2E Imperial RegB SHK,L,sh+P
2E Imperial RegB SHK,L,sh+P
2E Teuton Kn RegA,L,sh
2E Teuton Kn RegA,L,sh
2E Ally Hungarian Gen IrB HK L,sh
2E Hungarian Knights IrB HK L,sh
4E Hungarian Gentry IrC,HC,Jls,B,sh
4E Hungarian LC IrC, B

(I don’t have the lists for the French/Burgundian/Low Countries; However, Ewan McNay played Burgundians
Aubrey Hopkins played the Medieval French and Bill Low played what else but the Low Countries.
We decided the make some module armies. So each list is about 1200pts).
On the border (present day):

The Emperor surveyed the field, to his right was a dry stream which would serve as an obstacle. There was a swamp mid field on the right flank crossing the stream. A small hill was straddling the rear and forward zones.
As his gaze continued along the field another hill stood in the French center zone along the rear zone line.
On his left there was a rough area in the forward zone with a wood on the roughs shoulder in the left flank zone.
(we outscounted them)
He watched as the Burgundians formed up a knight unit along with HC CB and a LB unit on the far side of the stream. Their line was LB units interjected with Knights.
Soon the Medieval French marched out. They moved two bombards to the center hill.
On the left the Lowlanders moved into position

He turned and looked at the assembled leaders.
“Otto! You will move your army against the Burgundians. Your infantry with Pa will be the best defense against their LB. It is your duty to hold the right wing. You face Duke Ewan(Ewan McNay). The greatest general in France. The longer you can hold him the more time you give myself and Prince Albert to win the battle. If you fail we all fail.”
“I will hold as long as I can.” Otto replied.
“Albert! You and Prince Michael of Hungary must hold the Lowlanders or crush them. You are facing Prince Wilhem(Bill Low). Aside from the Duke, he is the most dangerous of our opponents. Do what you can against him. It will fall to me to break their center. The King of France(Aubrey Hopkins) is my worthy adversary”
They all nodded and trotted to their respective fronts.

As Albert and Prince Michael rode to the left flank, Albert remarked.
“Sir, your Hungarians will form the first line and Probe their line. My Imperial knights with one of the Brothers units will be the second line and have attack orders. The last Brother unit will move around the wood on the left to prevent any flankers and to flank the Lowlanders if possible.
Soon the Hungarians were in the rough and approaching the Lowlanders.

Rudolf tuned to Ottokar.
“I know that we disagree on everything but can I trust you today?”
“Have no fear Rudolf.” He stated as he rode off.
“You know, my liege that he is only here because he wants to share the victory and gain more influence.” Black Carl added.
“True, but it is always prudent to keep your enemies close.” Shot back Rudolf.
“Move next to the Pike, Carl. Try to break through and take the camp. If we can split their line, we will have the day.”
Black Carl saluted with his sword and rode off to the front.
Soon the pike blocks moved forward with the Town Infantry.
Black Carl maneuvered to the shoulder of the Town Infantry heading toward the hill in the French center.

Otto trotted out and assembled his commanders.
“We must hold the line. Kurand, send your LI into the swamp and harass their line. and hold the stream line. The mercenary CB will support you.You are on the hinge of the two. Father! You will behind them as support. Take the EHK’s as well.
Dieter, place your Feudal Infantry on the shoulder of the CB. Keep them in column to leave a clear range of fire for the Bombards, which I will place on the hill behind the line I will be next to you when the time is right to close the door. The HG will be next to the bombards to protect them. Klaus place the Town Infantry along the line with the Town CB next to the Emperor line.
Soon Otto’s attention was diverted to the sound of horns as the Burgundians advanced into the swamp and down the far side of the stream. The LI fought as long as they could against the advance of the LB, but they were soon pushed back. Next the LB advance was stopped in the swamp by the bolts of the CB.
Konrad watched as the Burgundian Knights moved down the right flank on the opposite side of the stream. He motioned to the CB to retire somewhat so that they could fire on the Burgundians. However, he soon realized that the HC CB were marching along the bank and would soon cross the stream and flank his line. He motioned to the EHK unit to intercept them, however, they were slow to react.
Otto meanwhile understood that the Duke now knew that the Germans were holding their positions. He ordered his knights forward since his LB were not doing much against the German HI with Pa.
Otto knew that this was the crucial time. His infantry had to hold the knights. The one Burgundian unit came in and did not break the infantry but instead broke through them. Otto smiled as he now knew that the unit had now placed themselves in point blank range of his bombards. The Burgundians tried to maneuver out of range but too dismayed to react(failed counter). The Bombards roared, tearing through the knights but they held.
The Duke now drove his knights into the other German infantry units but they held.
Otto riding behind the line urged them on.

Black Carl riding slightly behind the advancing German Pike saw his opportunity as one of the royal French units came around the center hill. Raising is sword.
“Now my children! ANGRIFF…..!”
The Imperial knight unit leapt as a black panther into their foe. The French like a stunned deer tried to stop the assault but Black Carl tore into them and they routed.
Rudolf seeing the route eagerly pushed his pike and infantry on.
Suddenly, the Germans and French were stunned by a huge explosion. One of the French Bombards exploded(rolled catastrophic) . Unfortunately, for the Germans it did very little damage.
Nevertheless, Rudolf sensing victory pushed on. The Germans charged up the hill, but the French held.

The Hungarians moved across the rough slowly pushing the Lowlanders back. Prince Albert started advancing with his knights in support. He glanced to his right and observed at that moment the explosion the French cannon with the imperial troops assaulting the hill. He could taste victory.

Simultaneously, on the right, Otto raised his eyes to heaven and prayed.
“Lord, give us strength to hold.”
The weight of the Burgundians knights was beginning to tell. By now the LB has also entered the fray.
Suddenly, he turned to his left and saw his bombard once more pierce the beleague Burgundian Knights facing the cannon. But now he saw the Banner of Ottokar charge into them. Ottokar surely will route this Burgundian thorn. But no. The Burgundians held.

Konrad on the far left, as in nightmare one witnesses the breaking of a dam. The CB before him cracked under the pressure and routed. What happened that day no one can fathom. Konrad, the dragon of Drachthausen, saw fear, as a demon from hell coming for him. Courage abandoned him as he was swept away with the CB. One-Eyed Hans always at his master’s back, saw the dazed countenance and drew him back.
“The Red Dragon banner falls back!!” came the cry as Otto jerked to the left and saw the Red banner retreating. The Burgundian HC CB also circled around and flanked the bombard hill.
Could he hold a little longer.

As Black Carl continued to drive into the French center, again a huge explosion rocked the earth. He looked up and saw that the other French cannon had exploded(another catastrophic roll). This time royal knight unit suffered injures as well as the French camp. The French camp now could see the advancing German banners and fear seized them(the camp shook). But the French continued to hold the hill.
Rudolf looked to the sun. The day was waning. Just a little more time. He then squinted to the left. He could make out the banners of Albert and Michael advancing. Next he turned to the right. Otto’s black banner was standing but surrounded by troops. Burgundians or German he could not tell. He did not see the Red Dragon Banner. Where was Konrad?? Soon he saw the Silesians Banner of Ottokar. Unfortunately, he also was engulfed by French knights. If Otto could just hold a little longer, the day will be won. Suddenly before he could turn away, as a mighty shifting of the earth. The line of Otto fell back. The Black Banner was collapsing. Burgundians appeared on his right flank. He turned to his trumpeter.
“Sound the recall!! Sound the recall!!”
He must cover the redraw before he was trapped.

“The RECALL!! THE RECALL!!” Master Nickolas shouted to Black Carl.
He turned in amazement.
“We are almost at their camp. We can smell their fires. One more good push and we will have them.”
“Otto has fallen! The Black Banner retreats.”
Carl reined in his charger and gazed to the right. It was true. The Black Banner was falling back. The Burgundian would soon be falling upon him. Sadly, he raised his sword.
“Fall Back! Fall Back!

As Rudolf rode into camp, he saw Otto being lowered from his charger into Pauline waiting arms.
“How is Lord Otto?”
“It is exhaustion, my Liege. He needs rest.”
“That he will have for a long while at his beloved Drachenhausen Castle.”
“What of the French, my Liege.”
“They also have had enough. I think my honorable adversary the King of France is also happy the day ended. But what of Konrad?”
“He is with Abbot Otto. I think he saw fear for the first time. He needs no physician for the body and Abbot Otto is the perfect physician for the soul.”
Unexpectedly, loud cheers were heard. Rudolf turned and there he watched as Prince Albert arrived with his men.
“Hail Albert King. Hail King Albert……”.
The cheers continued. Prince Michael approached Albert and clasped his hand and raised it on high.
“All Hail Albert……All Hail Albert…” Michael cried.
Rudolf smiled.
“Stop this mockery!” Ottokar growled
“No! He deserved this honor this day. Besides we need some cheer!”
He turned away and walked to his pavilion

And so Otto did rest with his beloved Pauline at Drachenhausen Castle. Konrad did recover hls soul and spirit and Black Carl still watches from the high tower of the castle surrounded by his strapping sons and understanding wife.

Abbot Otto places his pen down and closes the book. The story is ended for now. He heads for the chapel to give thanks.
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