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On the Danube

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Ed Kollmer

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 27, 2017 4:20 am    Post subject: On the Danube

On the Danube:

Timcorvinus rubbed his eyes and sat back from the hours of reading. He looked at the candles. They had burnt down, but room was still slightly lit. Oh, the sun was rising. He had read through the night. His mind wandered and swam from the night of studying the tomes. Had he been too aggressive in plundering the libraries of the empire? The library of Adrianople was especially large. The many monasteries were also rich in philosophy and science. Somehow a sense of quilt came over him. As a young student the emperor favored him. His old teacher, who now, as far as he knew was still in the African provinces, was hounding him to return the books.
A whiff of air signaled the opening of a door. He raised his gaze and observed the approach of one of his Hungarian scouts. He bowed.
“Edwardus and his army have disembarked on the danubean plain outside the castle.”
Timcorvinus suddenly jerked up in his chair.
“Edwardus, here. How could that be? He was in Africa.”
“We have been watching the southern passes and trade routes of the west.”
Timcorvinus rose and marched to the baloney. The day was dawning and it was hard to see toward the east. The river wound around the south face of the fortress. He could not make out anything.
“How close are they?”
“It is hard to see now but the transports are beyond the bend and their scouts are skirmishing with ours. It seems to be almost all cavalry. No Varangians or heavy infantry. They move fast and hard.”
“Assemble the troops. Let’s see if Edwardus can defeat us.”
The scout bowed, turned and disappeared into the room.

Camp of Edwardus:

Slowly, but constant, the troops disembarked. Edwardus seriously viewed the streams of troops and horses moving from the banks of the river to the plain. Suddenly, Michael was at his shoulder.
“How is the wound, my friend?” Edwardus quipped smiling.
“The journey from Africa was a good convalescence for it. The boat trip was good for it. Also the physicians from Alexandria are the best.”
Edwardus placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder.
“Where is Demitri?”
“With the scouts along the river. The Hungarians know now we are here. They are skirmishing with our scouts. What do you want to do?”
“We will move to the attack. Can’t let Timcorvinus sit too long. Keep him wondering.”
Slowly, they turned and mounted their horses.

HW #2 Nike Byzantine (Edward Kollmer)
Warm Sct
2El Edwardus RgA,HC,L,B,sh+HC,L,B,sh 2 200
2El Cav Archers,LC,RegC,B 6 34
4El Cav Archers,LC,RegC,B 12 58
6El Penchnegs LC I/C 1/2 Jls,B,sh, 18 97
1/2 B
2El Kav,HC,RegB,L,B,sh 2 88
2El Kav,HC,RegB,L,B,sh 2 88
2El Kav,HC,RegB,L,B,sh 2 88
2El Kats EHC,RegB,L,sh 78
4El Psiloi,LI,RegC,B,sh 2 42

2El Michael RgA EHC,L,B,sh+EHC,L,B,sh 140
2El Kav,HC,RegB,L,B,sh 2 88
4El Cav Archers,LC,RegC,B 12 58
6El Tuldum,IrD,LI,S 3 37
6El Psiloi RgD,LMI,B,1/2sh 70
2El Psiloi RgC,LI,Jls,sh 1 26

2El Demitri RgA EHC,L,B,sh+EHC,L,B,sh 140
2El Kav,HC,RegB,L,B,sh 2 88
2El Kav,HC,RegB,L,B,sh 2 88
4El Cav Archers,LC,RegC,B 12 58
6El Tuldum,IrD,LI,S 3 37

scouting 83 1603

Later Hungarian (Tim Gile) ((((((

CinC 2E Ir B SHK/EHK L,Sh + PA 195
3x 2E Banderia Ir B SHK/EHK L,Sh - 124 ea (372)

2x 9E Hungarian Cav Ir C LC 1/3 Jls,B,Sh 2/3 B - 115 ea (230)

2x 6E Jabbagi spear Ir C MI LTS,Sh - 97 ea (194)
4E Archers Ir C LI B - 41

9 unit command

Wallachian Ally Ir B HK L,Sh + P - 124
3x 2E Wallachian Ir B HK L,Sh - 91 ea (273)

2x 4E Viteji Ir C LC Jls,B,Sh/B - 69 ea (138)
6E Archers Ir C LI B 1/2 Sh - 55

7 unit command

On the Plains of the Danube:

The Hungarians deployed their command. Timcorvinus moved his two MI regiments to the far right of the plain. Then placed his LI and Block of 9El Hungarian LC. His knights were in the middle of the field. The Wallahian troops were on his left. One LC unit on each side of the HK’s and the 6El LI bow on his left.
Edwardus rode onto the field. He gazed upon the deploying Hungarians. Immediately, he saw his opportunity.
As he pointed to his left, he said. “I will deploy my command on our right. Michael! You will deploy next to me in the center. Put your LI and LMI on your left.”
“Demitri! You will deploy behind our commands. Put your LI to your left.”
“Why hold be back. Let me get to them.(he rolled RASH).”
“Don’t be so eager to get run over. You will not be able to hold those knights.”(he rolled cautious).
Edwardus looked at them seriously.
“Now this is our plan. I will shoot and evade against those HK’s . Our LC will do the same against his LC. Those big LC blocks are dangerous. Remember the last time we met Timcorvinus. Michael! You are to face the metal beasts, (SHK). Shoot and evade. You will have to face them at some point, but get them tired. The LI and LMI on our left will shoot and evade and just keep that MI and Light troops away from Demitri and me. Demitri, you will be the hammer. Once my command has worked on the Wallachians, It is you will be the one to charge in and hit them. Now to your dispositions.”
Soon Michael and Demitri were in place.
Immediately, the Byzantines showered a hail of arrows on the Wallachians. The Wallachian LI bow gave as good as they got. The HK’s charged but did not catch the evading Byz HC.
Timcovinus sensing what was happening aggressively pushed his LC and LI against the Byz left flank. His SHk started to move forward.
Edwardus realizing that he could not skirmish forever. Signaled Demetri to push forward. Kosta and His EHC (green lances) charged and routed the LI to there front. Edwardus charged forward and hit the HK before him. They routed. The Wallachian General shook. The HC to Edwardus’s left seeing the opportunity also charged. Unfortunately, the tenacious Wallachian held. Other lancers from Demitri’s command charged the now HK ,deep in Byzantine deployment area and routed one and shook the other.
Demitri in the middle of the field surveyed the collapsing Wallachian command.
Simultaneously, Michael now pushed back to the limit. Knew he had to charge the SHK to his front. Surprisingly, his impetuous charge of EHC combined with the tired SHK (and an up die roll) managed to hold the fight.
Timcorvinus seeing the Wallachians retire knew the day was lost. He retired to the safety of his fortress on the Danube.
Eduardus instantly sounded the recall and collected his scattered commands. It was a hard fight.
That evening as Edwardus regrouped. A baggage wagon entered his camp.
He stood in the light of the campfire and looked at the driver.
“What is this?”
“The Byzantine books from the looted from the monasteries. My master says that you should have them and return them. And here.”
The driver handed a bag to Michael.
“What is this?” Edwardus inquired.
“The late fees!” (sorry could not resist Smile))
As Edwardus and his companions turned and walked back to his tent, when a rider galloped into camp. The rider slides from his horse as he approached Edwardus’s tent. He asked for the general. The servant pointed to Edwardus approaching the tent. He ran over and saluted and immediately reached out his hand, which held a sealed message.
Edwardus cautiously took it and eyed the messenger.
“Who is this from?”
“The emperor………very important.” He breathlessly added.
Edwardus opened the message. His eyes widened as he scanned the message. His slowly lowered his arm and looked out into the camp.
“We march to Africa again.” He stated slowly.
Demitri took the letter.
“It says a Nubian force is marching up the Nile. We need to intercept and destroy if need be.”
Michael drooped his head. He could feel the Zulu wound in his side ache.
The next day embarked for Africa…
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Hello Ed,

It seems that burning the midnight oil with all the reading was in vain, and at least some business is successfully finished for you, at least for now!


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