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C5N Prologue

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Ed Kollmer

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 26, 2017 1:24 am    Post subject: C5N Prologue


The first person Eduardus saw as he entered Michael’s tent, was the Physician, Tentus.
“How is our patient?” Edwardus inquired.
“He needs to rest. The Zulu wound was opened with the fighting with the Nubians. I warned him that this might happen. But he ignored me.”
Michael raised himself up with a groan.
“Sorry, Edwardus!” Michael moaned.
“Get well. We have fought too many battles. I can’t lose you now.”
Suddenly, a servant entered, walked up to Edwardus and whispered something into his ear.
Edwardus jerked his head and replied,” I will be right there.”
“Take care, my friend. Physician! You have my permission to strap him to the bed. I need him to watch the capital.”
He turned and marched out of the tent followed by the servant. The day was bright and the warm breeze made Edwardus raise his hand over his eyes. The figure of Demitri was soon seen approaching.
“The reinforcements from the emperor have arrived?”
“Yes, Edwardus. They are entering the camp now.” Demitri replied, pointing to the camp entrance.
Edwardus soon saw the movement of troops. Slow and lumbering the stout men moved on pass Edwardus.
“Varangian!” Edwardus softly murmured.
Edwardus looked into their faces. Grim and determined was their gaze. These were true fighting men. Byzantines knew warfare, but these men knew fighting. Their feet have trod the steppes of Russland, sailed the fiords of Scandia, and marched through the fens of Britain, the fields of Normandy and even the sands of Anatolia.
“Yes, Varangians. It seems that reports have come to the emperor that forces are massing in the west. Such mythic personages as Ewanus McNayis; Kaesermeister, Light of NewEngland; Daniel of Wonder; Scotus the Magnificence; Jevon the Jove(god) of war and even the legendary Low. There are others who the emperor was afraid to mention. Their names are not to be spoken, so grievous that it will sap men’s courage.
Edwardus looked awe struck.
“The emperor is asking me to counter these titans of warfare”
Demitri only replied with a nod, when their attention was caught by a tall stalwart figure approached.
“I am Othgar, the Varangian.”
“Now we have a chance.” Demitri stated.
“You are the commander, Edwardus?” Othgar asked.
After a slight bow and salute, he said, “We are yours to command.”
Edwardus returned the salute.
“Kosta, here will take care of your needs.”
Edwardus motioned to his right and nodded to Kosta. Who motioned to Othgar and they moved away.
Edwardus gazed at them as they walked to the rear of the camp. He hoped Othgar’s faith was not misplaced.
A tug at his arm brought his attention back to the camp entrance. As the last of the troops marched pass, Demitri pointed to an ornate carriage.
“Looks like someone official.” Demitri warned.
Soon the carriage approached them and slowly came to a halt. Servants jumped from and ran up to the curtains and drew them back. A small well-dressed man stepped from it and motioned to one of the servants to bring something from the carriage. Soon the servants were carrying a rather large pole. The man sauntered up the Edwardus.
“Commander Edwardus?”
Edwardus nodded.
“Along with these new troops the emperor has also sent you this.”
He motioned to the servants, who immediately unfurled a most magnificent banner.
Edwardus and Demitri eyes widened and fell to their knees.
“The sacred imperial banner!” Demitri gasped.
Edwardus reached up and bought the fringe of the banner to his lips and kissed it.
“How can this be that I am so honored by this gift? Mikel Mallamacus is a far better general!”
“He is and the emperor knows, but the emperor feels you need all the help you can get. There is also more news. Timcorvinus has allied with the emperor. His Hungarians are now mustering to march west with you. Now that I have preformed my duties, I will proceed to the villa I passed coming here. It seemed more fitting for my needs.”
He turned and embarked on his carriage, which was soon trotting out of camp.
“Things are getting better, Edwardus.”
Edwardus smiled, nodded and the two men walked back to their tents. He never took is eyes from the sacred banner….so prized a gift…..a treasure…..a blessing……
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