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battle for the Reconquita of Spain

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Ed Kollmer

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 19, 2017 8:51 pm    Post subject: battle for the Reconquita of Spain

Here is the much anticipated AAR of the Reconquista of Spain in Mason Library in Great Barrington ma
Unfortunately, I do not have the lists. BillL made up the lists for the Aragonese Spanish and DanW made up the lists for the Grenadine. I have the Berber list (they were allies if I got it correct).
BillL supplied the lead. The figs were outstanding, Especially, the banners.
We had 6 contestants. BillL and I wanted to play the Spanish. MattW wanted to play Andalusian. DanW was the Grenadine list maker so he wanted play his list.ToddK and MattK rolled off to see who would get stuck with the old guys. MattK lost.
Therefore, it was ToddK as the Emir because he is ToddK. DanW was a sub and MattW was the Berber guy.
Everyone elected me as King of Aragon (their first mistake). BillL and MattK were my subs.
It was a GREAT game. Again unfortunately, Since we were playing 3200pts each, I don't have a good grasp of what was happening along the line.
There were 3 hills and some rough areas. The rough areas were generally on my right (BillL's flank). Hills were more in the middle (my center) and the river was on my left (MattK's flank).
I in the middle faced the Star of Islam, Emir El Kae'sar. BillL faced the Berber Jihadist (MattW) and last but not least MattK faced the Sword Arm of Allah (DanW).
My thoughts of the game are somewhat erratic since in the heat of battle, life gets tumultuous. I had in my command: 2x8el of Spear with one rank of bow; 2x4el of Moogs; 1x2el LI jls,sh; and 3x2el EHK/HK.
MattK had, I think generally the same as I did, but maybe a LC unit.
BillL I am not sure but he did have at least one LC.
From what I remember, MattK had a problem across the river and dismounted a unit of his knights.
I generally moved my units forward, trying to engage and hold the center so my more able flanks could do their best to destroy the enemy.
I tried to hold my Moogs back from my 8El infantry so they would not get suck into their Cav. It did not work so well since they were charged by Cav and were routed and then the one 8El unit got flanked and was routed. My knights charged and got stuck. From what I could see on MattK, it did not go any better. BillL and Jihadist MattW were hammering it out and towards the end were engulfed in a multi,multi unit combat in the rough of which I think BillL was getting the better of it.
In total the spanish did not do well, with their center gone.
In the words of Emir El Kae'sar. "the dice were scalding for us". There was some truth to it, since I think MattK only rolled up once.
Nevertheless, the wine trade agreement was hammered out in the local pub over a drink.
Thanks to all who came.
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