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Cold Wars - Mini Bulgars

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Todd Kaeser

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 19, 2018 9:33 pm    Post subject: Cold Wars - Mini Bulgars

Early spring, 811 AD. Khan Krum sat at the table, his council of war beginning preparations for the spring. Krum was looking at his broken goblet. It was fashioned from a human skull from his previous conquests and he had carelessly dropped it in a night of drunken revelry. The split down the side allowed the glorious red liquid he so loved to dribble down his hand. It was time for a new conquest and head to replace the goblet from a newly defeated enemy.

The drums of war were rallying the troops to his banner. He decided to take his trusted sub-general Tsog with him on his campaign. It was a limited campaign so he couldn’t take the full army (1200 points) so he had to choose carefully. Besides his nobles and horse archers Krum decided that a small contingent of Slavs would be beneficial to work through rough terrain or to form shield wall and hold off against tougher foes while his horsemen worked on breaking the flanks of the enemy.

Early Bulgar
76 scouting

CinC 2E Ir B HC L,B,Sh + PA (160)
Sub 4E Ir B HC L,B,Sh + P (154)
4E Nobles Ir B HC L,B,Sh (145)
4E Nobles Ir B HC L,B,Sh (145)

6E Horse Archers Ir C LC Jls,B,Sh/B (85)
6E Horse Archers Ir C LC Jls,B,Sh/B (85)
6E Horse Archers Ir C LC Jls,B,Sh/B (85)

12E Slav Ir C LMI 1/3 2HCW,Sh 2/3 Jls,Sh (133)
12E Slav Ir C LMI 1/3 2HCW,Sh 2/3 Jls,Sh (133)

8E Slav Archers Ir D LI B (41)
8E Slav Archers Ir D LI B (41)

I know going into the mini that Early Bulgar has some major issues. There are not that many units (11) and they are all irregular. It is a pretty inflexible army after set up. The cavalry is only “ok” being HC and is relatively expensive points wise considering its ability. The light horse is optimally priced, BUT they don’t fight rank and a half so will struggle vs. other army’s better light cavalry. They were descended from the Huns, but don’t get the ability. I do wonder if all Jls armed cavalry could fight rank and a half if that would open up more armies used in tournaments… Back to the army – the Slav foot is “C” grade. I have been debating on the use of 2HCW in the front rank. They do hit harder that way, but don’t last long if charging in consecutive bounds being shieldless. However, they are able to form shield wall and 2HCW in shield wall is pretty tough. We’ll see how that works out in battles. At least, if the opposing army is Meso-American, Chinese, or something that HC/LC struggle with I’ll be able to send in the Slavs for better or for worse. Another good part is the amount of scouting – 76 – able to out-scout anyone with less than 25.3 and doubling at 38.

I’ve painted the army over the past year and a half and I’m looking forward to giving it a go. One thing I’m really missing is a cool camp – I am sure that Scott will roast me for that Smile I am hoping to win a single game and score 7 or more raw points in 3 games.

AAR – Cold Wars 2018. 14 players in the mini which is an excellent number overall. There were a lot of “B” armies choices as well (non-NICT) type lists which bodes well for me in theory to start.

Round 1 – Scott McDonald – First Crusade. Table is mostly open with a few hills (one on each flank and one in middle) that have an edge here and there as steep/rocky. I set up second and use my foot to my left vs Scott’s 12E close foot mixed LTS/Jls,B, Jls, CB, B unit…. And try to screen off his 2 big 12E blocks of pilgrims on my right. The plan goes off pretty well. I fight and kill off some LC with my LC on the far right – Scott will eventually kill off a LC unit with a knight unit, but a reasonable exchange. I am forced to bring in only one unit of Slavs (4 deep) into his crusader foot. I roll even (one of my better rolls across the weekend) and do 140 to him…. Needing to do 144 to rout them. Eventually my Slavs will get ground down and exhaust with a flank attack from a knight unit. I line up my best charge of the day getting a bow shot at a 2E unit of HC Normans with a 4E unit of my Bulgars – 6@4 is 18 and a disorder. He’ll be tired, disordered, and shot down 2 in support – 5@3 vs. 5@7. Scott rolls up 5…. And recoils me – eventually I get routed by support units. I also get his CinC deep into some Bulgar cav and Scott will also roll his way out of this situation. Later on a Slav unit in shieldwall is hit by 2 units of knights and recoiled. 2nd round Scott brings in a 3rd unit and his rolls were +2/+4/+2. It was a fun battle overall and Scott played well and with good spirits – with dice that hot it had to feel good. I killed 647 points and Scott killed 593 – 3-3 draw.

Round 2 – Frank Gilson – Elamite. Not what I’m looking forward to. Terrain is ok being mostly open but Frank is able to use his massed shooting (Biblical chariots with LI Bow on the bae to put up some serious shooting) and destroy a HC unit that made a charge. My Slav foot had to stay in shieldwall since he was chariots and I couldn’t support my self with the setup and terrain even with the army standard. 4-1 Frank and a frustrating battle as I couldn’t do anything and he killed off my flank march.

Round 3 – Greg Hauser – Ghaznavid. Out of the frying pan and into the fire with this matchup. I played this one like poo and jammed my troops into the proverbial phone booth on my left flank. Let’s just say that my “best” opportunity came late and I charged on 2 separate situations my HC units into his Reg B LHI LTS,B,Sh Daylami….. Greg was kind enough to roll one 1 and I did get the break but the 5-1 result was rough.

So 5 points and not 7 and no victory. No new skull for Krum…. 

Not a great army for sure and the figures would be used throughout the teams – the light cavalry as turkopoles, the light infantry bow, and the Slavs did time as Pilgrims so certainly worth the painting. This army could also serve as Wallachian or so plus numerous other armies. I’m sure I’ll use this army vs. Ed the Rash and his Byzantines this summer.


Nolite te Bastardes Carborundorum
"Don't let the Bastards Grind You Down"
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Ed Kollmer

Joined: 12 Apr 2006
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 20, 2018 2:15 am    Post subject:

The cadence of boots echoed around the walls of the monastery. An older well built soldier whose steps resonated in the hall approached another distinguished gentleman.
"I thought you would be here."
Michael nodded and gripped Demtri's' hand.
"How is Edwardus?"
"Older" He said with a smile.
"What is he doing?"
"He is reviewing all the reports on the Bulgar's expeditions in the Land of the Woods"
"How did they do???"
"Not as well as expected. Edwardus now knows that Krumm will strike the empire out of hatred and desperation. You did well, Demitri , warning the emperor about the Bulgar mobilization."
"Do you know his recommendations?"
" He has already sent his report to the emperor."
"What was it?"
"Attack!!!" Michael stated.
Demitri about faced and started to walk away.
Michael's surprised face called after him.
"Where are you going?"
"To mobilize my cavalry!!"
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