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A Four Horsemen Enterprises Rules Set
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HYW theme:The Chronicles of Otto : C5N Epilogue 1

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Ed Kollmer

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 16, 2014 5:11 am    Post subject: HYW theme:The Chronicles of Otto : C5N Epilogue 1

French: Bill Low
German: Ed Kollmer
I don't have Bill's list
Here is mine. I had a 15% plus in the Theme.
Medieval German Princes #27
2E Otto IrB SHK,L,sh+PA
2E Konrad IrB SHK,L,sh+P
2E Feudal Kn IrB SHK/EHK L,sh
2E Feudal Kn IrB SHK/EHK L,sh
2E Feudal Kn IrB SHK,EHK L,sh
2E Feudal Kn IrB SHK/EHK,L,sh
2E Feudal Kn IrB SHK/EHK,L,sh
6E Feudal Infan IrC EHI/MI,2HCT,1/2 Pa
6E Town Infan RegC,HI/MI,2HCT,1/2 Pa
6E Town Infan RegD(1C),HI/MI,2HCT,1/2 Pa
6E Town Infan RegD,HI/MI,2HCT,1/2 Pa
6E Mercenary CrossBow,RegC,LHI/LMI,CB,
6E Town CrossBow,RegD,LHI/LMI,CB
6E Feudal Archers,RegD,LI B
2E Organ Gun 3 RegC
2E Mercenary LC, RegC, CB
2E Mercenary LC, RegC, CB
On a road on the French border.

Otto marched along the French border looking for the French army. The news from the Emperor that the French have been raiding and pillaging along the border have been evident.
Suddenly, a LC messenger galloped up.
“The French are camped down this road. They occupy a corner of the field.”
Otto waved to his retinue.
“Messengers!!! Tell Ottokar to bring his command of LC,LI,merc 2HCT and the organ guns out to the right toward those three hills. Circle around them to strike the French from the right.”
Nickolas! Bring your troops of the two town 2HCT units,and the town CB down the middle of the field. Take another Kn unit with you.”
“Carl, Albert and I will attack left of the road with the Merc CB.”
“I will take the road, Otto!” roared Konrad

Trumpets shrilled as the German army approached. (French outscouted)
Jean LaBelle, King of France bolted from his pavilion and looked around. He grabbed a running soldier.
“What is it?” He shouted.
“The Germans are advancing on the camp.”
He jerked his head down the road. Suddenly, he could see the Silver Hand Black Banner of Otto approaching.
“Pierre, Antonie deploy the army.”
Soon the French line became a semicircle around the corner of the field. The 2 cannon on the end of the curve with CB, 2HCT closed the curve. 2 more cannon with LI, 2HCT, 4 Kn units backed up the line. A unit of LMI Jls sh stood on the road. The King with three Kn units and a CB and LI unit faced Otto on the King’s right.

The two French Kn units on the French far right trotted forward.
Otto motioned to Albert and Carl to advance and attack them.

Jean LaBelle viewed the combat on his right and soon saw the Red Dragon Banner of Konrad coming down the road. Realizing that his LMI were in danger, commanded the Kn unit on his left to meet Konrad.

Ottokar and Nickolas in the center of the field moved their troop forward but halted out of cannon range. However, Ottokar viewed the advance of the French 2HCT on his side of the road.
“Nickolas! I will move the Feudal 2HCT to meet them.”
“Ottokar! Watch out for that French Kn unit advancing on that 2HCT units left flank. The Town CB will not stop them.”
“What is happening with the LC and the Organ guns?”
“They have marched around the hills. Not sure what is happening there. But I hear no artillery sounds.”
“Look! Ottokar! The Red Dragon banner is charging. So is the Black banner of Black Carl and Prince Albert.”
Soon the Feudal 2HCT and the French 2HCT were locked in combat as well as the Town CB with the French Kn. After a fierce melee, the Feudal 2HCT broke the French 2HCT and the French Kn broke the Town CB.
Konrad locked with the French Kn on the road and pushed them back.
Prince Albert and Black Carl also pushed back their opponents.
Otto looked with satisfaction as he viewed the field. Soon his satisfaction turned to shock as he saw the French LI pour bolts into Konrad’s flank; causing him to recoil.
King Jean seeing the opportunity to destroy Konrad moved forward and charged into Konrad’s flank. Konrad recoiled again which allowed this opponents to expand out.
Suddenly, Konrad became the vortex of a whirling combat.
Ottokar gazed upon the whirling combat.
“Nickolas! I am moving across the hedge to help Konrad.”
“The hedge will disorder you!”
“It matters not. To hesitate now will draw disaster.”
Soon he was charging across the hedge into King Jean’s flank.”
Nickolas presently realized that the French Kn facing Konrad had expanded in the face of the victorious Feudal 2HCT.
Nickolas moved forward and ordered the Feudal to attack that French Kn.
As the whirling vortex of combat increased in size around him, Konrad raised his sword, the Cleaver, and roared.
“Rally to me!”
Immediately, the battle cry reverberated around the swirling mass of men.
Instantaneously, King Jean pressed forward against Konrad. As Konrad drove his sword down on the King, the King’s charger stumbled on the littered field, causing Konrad’s sword to strike home (French rolled down 3 as Konrad rolled up. Causing a catastrophic). The King fell wounded and his standard toppled. Soon the French as straw faced by the blast of dragon fire were incinerated.
Albert routed his opponent.
Nickolas covering the Feudal 2HCT charged the French Kn that broke the Town CB and drove them back.
Soon the French retreated back off the field; covering their retreat and protecting their wounded King.
Otto sounded the recall.

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Ewan McNay

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 29, 2014 4:59 pm    Post subject:

Love it, Ed!
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