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Battle of Canterbury

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Ed Kollmer

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 22, 2015 3:24 am    Post subject: Battle of Canterbury

Game played at Silver Eagle Game Store in Canton CT. Really great place

The battle of Cantonbury:

The young rider spurred his horse on. He had changed horses maybe 3 leagues back but his legs ached from straddling successive steeds. He had to reach his master, the Bear. Tears started to stream down his cheeks as he reviewed the news that he bore. How could be bear to report it to his beloved master. His father and older brothers fight for the Bear.
Suddenly, he felt his horse stumble. He was pushing him hard. He could feel the lather spraying his face. He strained to see. Rutupiae must be close. Suddenly, as he crested the rise, the ramparts of Rutupiae spread before him.
As he approached his gate, he waved his pouch above his head. The guard motioned and waved him through. He reined his horse in and slide from the saddle and fell lightly on the ground as his legs gave way.
The guard grabbed his pouch and hastened away.

Arturos and Ambrosius were locked in serious discussion for the move to Gaul.
“Trajanius, perfect of Gaul, has asked for our help against the Saxons and Visigoths. I believe it is our duty to bring back Roman law and order to the provinces.” Ambrosius stated.
Arturos looked up.
“I agree. I have sent word to Geranius to muster his civic militia. Maglaunas, of the Dummonii, says that we can be reinforced by his kin in Brittany.”
Suddenly, the door opened and in strode Merlin and Cadoc. The look on thier faces left little doubt that evil news had arrived.
“My lord Ambrosius and Arturos, evil news. Our greatest fear has come.” Cadoc roared.
“Indeed, Mordred has finally made his move.” Merlin added.
The blood drained from Arturos’s face. He had sent Mordred north to keep him isolated. It had failed.
“He has gotten the support of a couple of northern towns and Cerdic has joined him with his saxon allies.”
Arturos wheeled to face Mull, the saxon.
“Did you know of this?”
“No! Cerdic had disappeared and we felt that he was on the continent.”
“You will have to deal with him, Arturos. I am fully committed to the move to Gaul.” Ambrosius stated.
“There is more news. He is a day’s march away. You have no time to muster the civic militia. You will have to move against him with what you have here.” Cadoc interjected.
“We will be enough!” Aquila rose.
“My Saxons are ready.” Mull added.
Cei drew his sword.
“Our steel is enough.”

Mordred surveyed the field, a rough on each flank with a small gentle hill center field. He had savored this day. He had surprised Arturos and now his day of revenge had come. Arturos thought he had exiled him but he, Mordred, had a talent for deception and intrigue. Indeed it was a virtue for him. Arturos had outscouted him but it did not matter. Nothing could save Arturos today.

Mordred( Bill Low)
2El Mordred IrB HC Jls sh
2El EHC IrA L,sh
2El HC IrB ,Jls,sh
2El LC RC Jls,sh
2El LC RC Jls,sh
4El Comitatus RB LMI Jls,sh
4El Comitatus RB LMI Jls,sh
6El Bowman RC LMI, B,sh/B
6El Miliia RC MI LTS,sh
6El Militia RC MI LTS,sh
6El Saxon IrB HI HTW,Jls,sh/C MI Jls,sh
6El LI IrC Jls,sh
6El LI IrD S,sh

2 Arth, IrA,EHC, L,sh +PA
2 Combrogi,IrA,EHC,L,sh
6 Comitatus RegB,LMI,Jls,S,sh
6 Miliia Bow LMI,RegD,B,sh
RegD, B
2 Comitatus RegB,LMI,Jls,S,sh
9 Celtic Tribes IrC,LMI,Jls,sh
6 Scouts LC RegD,B

2 Cei,HC RegB,Jls,sh
2 Roman-Brit Cav,HC,RegC,Jls,sh
2 Scouts RegC,LC,Jls,sh

6 Saxon Mull,IrB,HI,HTW,Jls,sh
4 Levy Skirmish RegD,LI,S,sh
2 MilitiaSkirmish RegC,LI,Jls,sh

1 Ditched Palisades

Arturos trotted onto the field. He saw LI javelinmen approaching the rough on his right. A unit of Comitatus was on the LI’s right with two units of Militia on their right. A small LC on their right flank with the other unit of Comitatus on their right which is now the center of the field. Cerdic’s saxon’s were moving on the hill with a LI sling unit on their right. The unit of Bowman was between the hill and the rough on Mordred’s left. A unit of LI Bow and small LC unit in the rough on Mordred’s left.
After gazing at the deployment, Arturos motioned to the LI Slingers and the small LI Jls sh to move into the rough on his right to face Mordred’s LI jls and Comitatus.
“Mull bring your Saxons to the shoulder of the rough on the right flank. I and Aquila will be on your left flank. Maglaunus, you and your celts will take the hill. Marius place your 6 element unit next to the hill on the celts ‘s left with your 2 element unit on their left. Our Bowmen will face their LMI bow next to the rough on the left flank. Cei, you and the HC, LC bow and the LC jls will cover our left flank.

The two lines moved forward. The first blood came on the hill. Cerdic’s saxon moved up but Maglaunas was determined to take the hill. The celts moved up and charged the Saxons. However, Mordred skillfully moved is LC Jls close to celts flank thereby keeping them cautious and preventing an impetuous charge. Despite that the celts locked the Saxons but at a dear cost. Many celts died and celt fought over the bodies of their kin.
Next Morderd’s comitatus on his left flank in conjunctin with his LI jls unit moved into the rough. Arturos’s slingers delayed the advance but Arturos’s LI jls charged the larger enemy LI Jls and pushed them back and eventually destroyed them. True heroes.
Cei pushed his LMI bow ahead and fired volley after volley into the rebel LMI bow. The Cei’ LC bow moved and also fired into the rebel LI Bow and charged them and pushed them back and disordered them. Mordred’s small LC jls stroke the LC bow in the flank and locked them despite Arturos’s LC Bow destroying the rebel LI bow to their front. Luckily the LC bow managed to turn and face the rebel LC JLs; however, the rebel LMI bow poured volleys into them. Unable to withstand the pressure the LC Bow broke. Disaster struck when Cei’s HC and Cei’s oun unit shook(rolled two ones in waver).
Simultaneously, Cerdic’s Saxons countercharged Maglaunas’s celts on the hill. The celts died to a man on the hill. Alas, Arturos’s 6 element Comitatus unit shook also. Marius seeing his fellows weaken. Shouted to his own 2 element unit.
“Who will come with me to take the hill from the saxon.”
He charged up the hill followed by his brave companions. Cerdic surprised by the robust charge was recoiled down the hill.
Aquila sensing the battle in balance charged forward into the rebel Militia but could not route them. Soon he was locked in a life and death fight as the rebel Comitatus joined the fight.
Soon a messenger galloped up to Arturos.
“My lord, Cei says his flank is failing.”
Abruptly, he saw Aquila’s standard fall. As falling leaves follow other leaves, he could see Mull’s saxons retreating(failed waver test).
In desperation, he drew sword and followed Aquila’s path and charged into the swirling rebel militia. The militia recoiled but it was too little, too late. His companions drew him back and toward the safety Ruputiae.
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 23, 2015 3:54 pm    Post subject: Very nice

Very Nice
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 24, 2015 1:34 am    Post subject: Nice battle report

Thanks Ed
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