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C5N, Northern Greece

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Ed Kollmer

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 29, 2016 4:23 pm    Post subject: C5N, Northern Greece

Trojan list BW#18 C5N Scoun

CNC+2Ch Hector IrB,Jls,B+PA 3
Sub+2Ch Aeneas IrB,Jls,B 3
Sub+2Ch Polyduras IrB,Jls,B 3
6El Western Warriors IrB,1/2 LHI,Jls,1HCW 1/2LMI
6El Western Warriors IrB,1/2 LHI,Jls,1HCW 1/2LMI
6El Western Warriors IrB,1/2 LHI,Jls,1HCW 1/2LMI
2El Archers RegC,LI B 3
8El Spearmen RegC,MI,Lts,sh
8El Spearmen RegC,MI,Lts,sh
8El Spearmen RegC,MI,Lts,sh
8El Spearmen RegC,MI,Lts,sh
6ElSlingers RegC,LI,S,sh 3
6ElSlingers RegC,LI,S,sh 3
6ElArchers RegC,LI B 4
4El Javelinmen RegC,LI,Jls,sh 2
4El Javelinmen RegC,LI,Jls,sh 2
4El Javelinmen RegC,LI,Jls,sh 2
4El Javelinmen RegC,LI,Jls,sh 2
2El Spearmen RegB, Lts,sh
Hector = Ed Kollmer
Bisignanius= Jim Bisignani
Coast of Northern Greece:
The Trojans slowly disembarked on the shore. The crossing from Troy was pleasant and the wind sure. The ominous reports that Hector received seemed to be unwarranted. The evening was warm and mild. The troops spirits were high and a sense of victory was flowing through the army. Arriving at the time of harvest of the vineyards did not hurt.
The next day the sun rose bright with a clear sky. Sounds and smells of cooking food wafted around the tents.
“Rise, my brother.” Polyduras screamed as he pushed back the flaps of Aeneas’s tent.
“Quiet. You will disturb the gods”
Suddenly, a chariot trotted up behind them.
“Quite your foolishness. We have serious work to do!” Hector reprimanded.
“Polyduras, get the divisions up and moving.”
“Which directions, Big Brother? Are you angry that your reports of horror did not materialize.”
“West. Keep the sun at our backs.” Ignoring the last remark.
Unexpectedly, a runner approached breathlessly. He reached up to Hector and handed him a paper. Hector took it and read it. His eyes narrowed.
“Bad report?” Aeneas queried
“An army approaches from the west. It says from a country to the west, Epirus.”
“Never heard of it.” Polyduras replied.
“I’m afraid you will hear more than you want in a few hours.” Aeneas interjected.
“How much time do you have?”
“Get the divisions up and moving. I don’t want to be caught with the sea to our backs.” Hector commanded.

Some hours later:
The Trojans moved down the road and soon a wide plain appeared before them, with a wide dune like terrain in the middle of the plain. The Trojan scouts soon saw the lead elements of the army of Epirus.
Hector raced his chariot out to meet the returning scouts.
“What do you see?” He commanded.
“ Indeed, the army is Epirus. It is a land across the Greece. The merchants we met reported that it is lead by a gifted lieutenant of one mighty Lord named Pyrrhus. He was sent east to clear any danger to his lord’s kingdom.”
“ What is his name?”
“One, Bisignanius. He seems to be highly respected by his people. The merchants spoke of him with great awe and respect.
He looked up and saw the enemy deploying.
From Hector’s right, enemy LTS backed by Lance HC. Next came two units of Pike and facing the dune terrain was a unit of HTW with three units of cavalry. LI of Jls moved into the dune terrain. On the left of the terrain were three units of LTS with finished off on the left by two units of LC backed up by two units of HC.
“How should be face them?” Aeneas shouts from his Chariot.
Hector jerks back from his thoughts.
“Place three division on the right of the dune fronted by LI of Jls and slingers on the right.
Put the three western warriors into the dune. March the last division on the left of the dune and finish the line with the two LI of Jls and end with the slingers.”
“Polyduras and I will swing left and hold the line.” Aeneas interjected.
Hector nodded and moved to the right.
The Trojans moved forward. Hoping to contact the enemy and push them back. Trojan lights pelted the approaching Hoplites and pike. However, the point of focus happened on the left.
The two Hoplite units closed with the Trojan division. Unfortunately, the Trojans were recoiled.
Polyduras yelled to Aeneas.
“To the left, the division will break.”
Soon Polyduras and Aeneas were racing to the left. The division soon broke under the pressure.
“The slingers have pushed back their LC.” Polyduras shouts to Aeneas.
Unfortunately, the results of the broken division have swept over Aeneas as a unit of Jls LI also route. Aeneas never had time to respond as this chariots are dragged along with the routing men.
Simultaneously on the right, Hector charges around the right of the last division and is faced by L armed HC. Realizing he has no time to skirmish, Hector charges impetuously into the HC.
“Now is the time!” He commands.
The fight was terrible but victory was on the lances of Epirus. Soon Hector motioned the retreat.
Suddenly, shouts went up from the Trojan division on the right.
“Hector retreats……”
The division begins to melt away and the slingers shakes.

A greek cavalryman rides up to Bisignanius.
“The Trojan flanks are caving, We will move everything forward and crush the Trojan dogs.” He sneers.
Bisignanius raises his hand. “No, we have fulfilled our orders and kept the eastern lands free.
Hector is an honorable and justice leader. Let him retreat and reorganize. I feel he has bigger battles to face.”
With that he reigned his horse back and rode away.

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