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De Rebus Egyptus

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Ed Kollmer

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PostPosted: Tue May 08, 2018 3:14 am    Post subject: De Rebus Egyptus

Zulu(MattKollmer) v Batavian Revolt(Early German)

#3 Early German(Batavian Revolt)

9El Siegfried,IrB,HI,1/3Lts,2/3IrC,MI,Jls,sh
9El German,IrB,HI,1/3Lts,2/3IrC,MI,Jls,sh
9El German,IrB,HI,1/3Lts,2/3IrC,MI,Jls,sh
4El German LC IrC,Jls,sh
6El German Archers IrC,LI,B
6El German Archers IrC,LI,B

1El Civilis+ 2RgB,HC,Jls,sh
4El Batavian Aux RgC,LHI,Jls,1/2 S,sh
4El Batavian Aux RgC,LHI,Jls,1/2 S,sh

9El Asterix+ Warriors1/3 IrA,2/3 IrC,LMI,Jls,sh
4El Gallic Javelinmen IrC, LI, jls,sh

4El Legionaries RegD,Hi,HTW,sh
4El Legionaries RegD,Hi,HTW,sh
4El Legionaries RegD,Hi,HTW,sh

no Zulu list.

De Rebus Egyptus.

I, Produrius, primus pilum, of the I Germanicus legion, endeavor to record the happenings of our exile to the far fringe of the empire in Egypt. Our legatus unfortunately became complicit with the Rebel leader, Civilis, of the Batavi, arrogant fool that he is. He is the source of our bad luck. His revolt aided the great and glorious Emperor Vespasian gain the throne, but his arrogance and pride doomed us to exile. For our help, Vaspasian , the great and glorious, spared us, but for Civilis’s pride, he doomed us to exile.
No sooner had we arrived at the furthest outpost of the empire at Pselchis on the Nile, then merchants on the river reported the advance of an enemy army. Their name was very foreign to me.
Civilus immediately started to deplore the army. The terrain was an open plain with three small hills on our right flank(we used ToddK’s terrain generator). Siegfired of the Cugerni tribe deployed his three warbands of Early Germans, Cugerni, Triveri, and Frisii, on the right flank on the hills. A unit of LI bow advanced ahead of them. A unit of German LI B also advance in the center with the German LC jls,sh on their left flank slightly behind them.
Two units of Batavian Auxilia extended the line on the left shoulder of the LC.
At this point our disagreement with Civilis became evident. He placed the three columns of HI legionnaires behind the auxiliaries, mainly because he did not trust our loyalty.
On the left, he advanced Asterix with his unit of Gauls.
We stood at arms surveying the field, I could view Civilis straining to see.
Imperceptively, you heard a soft chant or drone, then the ground seemed to move and slowly, ever so slowly the ground grew to a fluid wave of humanity. Suddenly, what seemed to move slowly in the approach now moved with greater speed and agility.
Similar to a wave of water it progressed to our line looking for a hole in the dike of the enemy.
Siegfried moved forward amide the shouts of a German warband. The Zulu evaded away from the german advance,
Searching the line for a weakness. They noticed the left flank was hanging. Two Zulu units started to sweep around the left. Asterix seeing the Zulus running around his flank turned and with carnyxs blaring, charged impetuously after them. That was the last we saw of Asterix and his Gauls, as they disappeared charging after the elusive enemy.
The next soft spot the Zulus sensed was the Auxilia. They charged in to a hail of Auxila slings. The Batavians lived up to their fame and held the attack but were recoiled. Unfortunately, our poor deployment behind them caused them to be disordered. Fortunately, we maneuvered left and moved to cover the left flank. The Auxilia fight continued.
In the center, the Zulus brought up a large unit of LI B,sh. The german LI B exchanged shots. The LC charged them and forced them to evade but rallied back.
The turning point of the battle came with the auxilia. The auxilia managed to shake the Zulu unit and the battle hung in the balance.
The legionnaires tried to cover the left but only managed to get flanked and blocked.
Auspiciously, the Zulu moved in a support unit to attack the Auxilia and routed them. The left flank crumbled.
Siegfried viewed with horror as he saw the line evaporate. The Zulus poured around the field.
He ordered the retreat.
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